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Xiaomi Mi Mix Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Xiaomi Mi Mix Price in Pakistan

Xiaomi Mi Mix price in Pakistan is around PKR 65,000. This is very elegant smartphone you can buy if you something indifferent. It has a stunning bezel-less design or I can say design with the very minimal design. It is not easy to say which is best smartphone people should buy but we can create a collection of smartphones with top-notch specs and best features packages. If we do so, Xiaomi Mi Mix is one of them with tons of power and many nice-to-use features that make your life comfortable on many fronts. People have different choices and manufacturers are trying to cover different choices with different series of smartphones. Xiaomi Mi Mix series has a beautiful design, faster chips, and powerful cameras that can give beautiful photography experience.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Is Impressive

The Xiaomi Mix comes with an edge-to-edge design you might love a lot. Brands are now making phones with faces on borders, I mean you might not feel there is a bezel, and insteadthere is an extra screen covering space. It is a race of bezel removal, companies are running bezels to give some extra space for doing some extra work. Some phones do not add extra functions, insteadthey add offer extra space for extra content. We are calling them all-screen phones and phones with all-view displays. These are displays I think I wished for in my childhood. Xiaomi Mi Mix is a gorgeous phone with this view using 6.4 large display. This screen covers the whole front beautifully and the phone has on-screen buttons for making phone operations. More, the ceramic backside looks good, with all this the phone is scratch resistant. It means this phone can stay beautiful for years and people would not mind if someone touches this phone with dirty hands.

It has a powerful processor for faster performance, it comes with Octa-Core processor that contain 4 2.35 GHz Kryo cores and 4 2.19 GHz Kryo cores. You can keep running through various apps smoothly all day. And there is 6GB RAM on board which can assist, if you love high multitasking (4GB RAM version is also in the market). It starts with 128GB ROM (and this is impressive) and goes till 256GB ROM. You cannot expand the storage because it lacks SD card slot. But can explain do you really need a rather hefty storage phone? More than an available 256GB option in these days? This huge storage should be enough to make users comfortable. The company understands what people can love and what can ignore in markets.

The powerful camera of Xiaomi MI Mix

The camera can take some inspirational shots. When it comes to lighting, it is capable to capture some impressive shots in daylight. It has potential to capture what can inspire others. The camera app is flooded with tons of options you can use edit your shots so you can improve your imagination as more as possible. It has a 16-megapixel shooter on the rear side of smartphone which can capture wide shots using a f/2.0 aperture and a 1/3sensor size. And on the front side, it has a 5MP camera capable to record full HD videos. And as we have discussed earlier that it is available with the large storage of 256 GB it means that now you have unlimited fun nothing to worry about space enjoy as much as you can without the botheration of low storage error.

MI Mix is available in the market in only Black color this is the only restriction which you have to face but when you are getting a lot of other things then I think you can overlook this one restriction. It is slightly heavy as it has a weight of 209g of course when the things come with such a large display of 6.4 inches then the compulsion of weight will be there. And of course, the company has made it 100 percent secure with a fingerprint sensor that has made the device secure and restricts the irrelevant invasion of anyone without your permission. And as you know that battery plays a vital role in the functionality of mobile so the company has equipped Mi Mix 2018 with a 4400 mAH long-lasting battery able to support you for a long time.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a true full-screen phone, this should be your impressive choice. Xiaomi has an understanding of what people can love and how they can use it. The company is focusing on practical phones instead of introducing conceptual models. This journey was started in China and now is expanded to so many countries. And almost everywhere it was created noticeable records what can impress the world. The company is creative innovative smartphones at reasonable prices what can give users a solid experience. It seems to be more just a profit. The company has an expert mind which can craft stunning options people of the world can appreciate. And they are packed with powerful hardware that can run people faster all day.


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