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Xiaomi Mi A2 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Xiaomi Mi A2 Price in Pakistan

Xiaomi Mi A2 price in Pakistan is not very high. With a strong brand, excellent shopping experience and "Mi series" the number of rich at the same time very competitive product line, the family in the continuous expansion of brand at the same time also maintain a very high ping effect, so that xiaomi can continue to "xiaomi-type" pricing with the price of mobile phone sales. At the product level, Mi is also actively adjusting to meet the needs of consumers under the line, before the 5X, Mi Note 3 are under the online competitive products. All-in-one all-metal body, 5.99 inch 18:9 Full Screen Mi 6X followed the 5 x on the use of all-metal body, the antenna part of the use of injection molding process (not "three-stage" design), metal surface for sandblasting treatment, good workmanship.

This is improved

However, compared to 5X, Mi 6X in the back cover added a greater radian, the back cover left and right edge close to the position of the box has an obvious radian edge (this waist design called "willow Waist"), plus the screen part is slightly higher than the middle frame treatment (ie, "suspension screen" design) and its own very thin body (the thickest only 7.3mm), so that 6X held in the hands feel very thin and comfortable. For a main line under the user, thin and comfortable feel to help the first time online to seize the attention of consumers, which is also the main line under the channel OV has been highlighted in the product place.

Xiaomi 6X provides 5 kinds of color matching optional, is the quicksand gold, cherry blossom powder, glacier blue, obsidian Black and the main red flame red, which the top 3 color of the front panel of the biggest bright spot is color, obsidian black, red blaze the front plate is black. Part of the screen, Mi 6X no surprises, 5.99-inch 18:9 full screen, did not adopt the recent popular "abnormity screen" design, resolution 2160x1080, display quality and control of the border are 2000 products of the mainstream level. Front and rear 20MP AI photos The camera experience is an additional emphasis place on the offline mobile phone, and naturally it is also the place where Mi 6X highlights, Mi 6X After the use of the 12MP main camera + 20 million pixel camera configuration, where the main camera CMOS is Sony IMX486, single pixel size of 1.25 microns, aperture f/1.75, Mi 6X is special, its CMOS model is Sony IMX376, which is the same as a plus 5T camera, pixel 20 million, aperture is also f/1.75.

And a 5T, this CMOS in addition to provide record depth of the data to do the virtual, in the dark Light can also be 4 pixels into a 2.0 micron large pixel output of 5 million pixel photos, thereby improving the image quality of night beat. In the portrait, Mi 6X can be based on the outside light intelligent selection of the main camera, the light is good in the case of the choice of 12 million main camera, to obtain better analytical power, when the light is weak switch to 5 million (20,000,004-1) priority to ensure the brightness of the screen. Mi 6X also equipped with a MIX of 2S before the AI scene recognition function, can identify blue sky, sunrise, green leaves, PPT, people, such as more than 200 scenes and individually optimized for each scene. The following proofs are used to shoot Mi 6X, without any later.

In front, the Mi 6X was equipped with the same 20 million pixel sensor, support AI beauty, and can be learned to run out of the algorithm of the background of virtual, Mi also known as 6X to learn more girls portrait photos, can help girls take out more good-looking self-portraits. We should also note that the Mi 6X many camera features are related to AI, which most of the algorithm from the Mi, including after the AI scene recognition, front AI scene recognition, the first single camera background, the AI face unlock.

Long lasting battery

Because the phone itself is very thin, the back of the radian is very large, Mi 6X battery capacity naturally do not do very much, 3010 mAh when the capacity of the Mi 6X should be enough for a lot of users daily use, heavy use is a bit hung. Mi 6X Support QC3.0 fast charge, half an hour can charge to 50%, but the standard charge head is 5V 2 A, charging speed will be slightly slower than this. It is worth mentioning that, and Mi MIX 2S, Mi 6X directly built-in Mi intelligent voice assistant Ais classmate. Mi hardware integrated net profit margin will never exceed 5%, if there is more than part of the total return to the user.

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