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Xiaomi Mi 5 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Mi 5 by Xiaomi in Pakistan

Xiaom is another Chinese company which has appeared on the ground of  Electronics and smartphones during the last decade and the interesting fact is that they have not even survived but are also ranked as fifth largest mobile phone company across the world. They entered with their first product Mi phone in 2010 and over the span of time company have launched various models in it every model  was updated from the previous one and Xiaomi Mi 5 is also part of this Mi series introduced for the first time as Xiaomi Mi 5 in the year 2016 company later  updated and  offered further variants in it Mi 5, Mi 5c and Mi 5s were introduced with a 5.15 HD display screen while on the other hand Mi 5x that was an Android one variant of it has a wider display of 5.5 inches and then even a wider display screen which was highly appreciated as per Mi 5 reviews is it Mi 5 plus that has a 5.7 inch display screen. Out of all these five models Mi 5, Mi 5s and Mi 5s plus are still in demand in the market.

Background and Vision of Company

Xiaomi company that was introduced with a literal vision from the CEO that a small grain can produce a big change has actually revolutionized the market Xiaomi has been a source of new benchmarks for the mobile phone industry they are the one to introduce full HD display and innovators of bezel-free screens there Mi Mix 2 that has been placed at museum to set as benchmark for full Display screens then Xiaomi is also honored with the prestigious Idea award that is for the appreciation of those companies who are introducing new innovations. Interesting fact is this that although Xiaomi has offered wide range of innovation yet their prices are reasonable they are in the market with different series Redmi, Mi series with number then Redmi note series and this is not the end of the story they have not confined themselves to the mobile business it is a software house as well so they are involved in the manufacture of Robots with the use of artificial intelligence. Xiaomi has also introduced its notebook, air filters, water filters, ear pods, power banks and drone as well. Lets have a brief look of Xiaomi Mi 5 specs but before that, we would like to mention here that as it is an international company so minor changes in specs can be there depending on the model offered for Pakistan.

Xiaomi Mi 5 specs in Pakistan 

At the Xiaomi introduced it's Mi 5 it was raised with the slogan as fast as light. Mi 5 has this slogan because it was actually this much light with the weight of only 129 g company made it thinner bezels, thinner camera, integrated motherboard and high-density battery. Metal body with 3D glass curves has made looks of this mobile extremely stylish and smooth texture of Mi 5 has made it comfortable with the curves at the ends. Mi 5 has 5.15 inches display with over 2 million pixels and six different display technologies namely Sunlight display, Night display, color saturation and reading mode. Comparative to previous models change was made to enhance its brightness to 600 nits. Mi 5 is there with a flagship 820 Snapdragon 820 processor which s 87% sharper than its previous model.The company has offered it's Xiaomi Mi 5 with 32 GB built-in memory and a Ram of 4 GB that has enhanced the functioning of mobile and let you experience a new phase of innovation and technology. Mi 5 is capable of supporting 4G dual Sim. The company has enhanced the capability of the processor with latest Adreno 530 graphics processor which is 40 % faster than its previous model and as per the Mi 5 reviews, its helped Mi 5 to perform well on gaming console as well.

 Mi 5 camera has something actually different

The camera is the feature that helps to enhance the sales of a smartphone so Xiaomi has paid attention to its camera they are offering 4-axis OIS its camera technology will leave you with sharper, clearer, images in any situation. Sapphire lens used in Xiaomi mobiles let the camera protect from damages and scratches. Its 4 axis technology control shakiness, counter-movements and provide image stabilization. It has 16 Mp Sony camera from lens to senor everything is filled with technology breakthroughs and let you have the images with sharper colors and has protected its lens with the sapphire sheet as Xiaomi Mi 5 is equipped with every spec that has fulfilled the price of this mobile. The front camera has a 4MP micron pixel selfie camera that has the features to beautify your selfie many times. Xiaomi Mi 5 has a thin battery of 3000 mAH M which is capable of larger battery time.

Rivals and Final Verdict

As per the general Xiaomi Mi 5 reviews it is one of most stylish and faster mobile phone in its category with excellent camera result, long battery backup and of course Xiaomi Mi 5 price in Pakistan is very reasonable it is around 32,000 which is along with all these specs has given a tough time to its rivals I you are also planning to own a lightweight and efficient smartphone then Xiaomi Mi 5 could be your possible favourite choice.

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