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Vivo Z10 Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Vivo Z10

Within one year, a lot of interesting smartphones appeared in the market, but the vast majority of them are either flagships or too expensive options with not quite clear advantages. Why is the user forced to pay a huge amount for a smartphone, which part of the phone do cost more than other things? And not everyone needs flagships, right? There are users who though buy the phone for calls, messages and browsing social networks. They do not plan to take pictures from the smartphone masterpieces, do not want to fight in the shooter on the network. For these users, Vivo Z10 phone is one of best option, which vivo has positioned as an affordable solution for every day. And, most importantly, the device really looks like — nothing superfluous, only important elements, plus an adequate cost.

Powerful Specifications

The basis of mobile phone performance is taken by the powerful Octa-Core processor. It works on eight compute cores with a clock frequency of up to 1.8 gigahertz. This is enough to work with all the necessary software and run apps in high resolution. By the way, to support the performance of the smartphone, you get 4GB of RAM. For a budget decision it is even a lot of operational, but we will not complain about it for sure. Built-in memory here is 32 gigabytes, to store all the necessary content this is enough.

The look of the smartphone is similar to flagships like Galaxy S7, but it is personal opinion, you can disagree with it. On the front panel we have a display with a minimum frame on the right and left, the bottom is a thicker die, the top-the camera, speaker and sensors. On the back side of the smartphone is a camera, a single, flash, fingerprint scanner and company logo. The smartphone looks quite interesting and stylish, the manufacturer clearly tried. And, best of all, there's no insertion at the top of the screen, just like everyone's accustomed to it. That's cool.

It comes with 6 inches display, with resolution 1440 to 720 points. The matrix is built on IPS technology with wide viewing angles, brightness at a decent level, the aspect ratio is 18:9. This is quite a decent display for everyday use. The manufacturer has decided to surprise us and the quality of cameras, front camera in the resolution is 24 megapixels. The indicator is steep, but it is not quite clear how high quality camera shoots. The main camera shoots in the resolution of 16 megapixels, the quality is quite good, especially for its segment.

The smartphone belongs to the budget segment, that is, it is planned to make available. For most users it will be the perfect way out of the situation, to buy Chinese smartphones with a strange price tag is not very desirable, and the flagships usually money is just pathetic. Now there will be a smartphone from a well-known company, which pleased us with the prices and quality of the assembly. The device turned out to be very interesting, because in addition to performance here also attractive design organized. I think the product will become popular, especially if you do not overdo it with the price.

Should you pick this phone up?

This is a competitor to Xiaomi Redmi 6 and Galaxy J6. It does not cost a lot but try to offer some decent features that help you to run fast and capture gorgeous images. Vivo has been emerging as a decent smartphone brand for many years and it has managed to rank among best companies with its decent phones. The company works on trends and innovations, it knows how to impress customers. Normally, the company focus on what is trendy in market and cover it beautifully. And more, the company try to offer something different than others which is a quite impressive habit to attract the attention of customers.

Vivo Z10 specification list is quite impressive, it does try to cover what users normally love when walking in market for buying a new smartphone. The company has manufactured a phone with tall display and powerful camera sensors that lead you to capture some interesting shots. It does give a powerful competition environment to others.

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