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Vivo Y85 Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Vivo Y85

Vivo Y85 price in Pakistan is not very high but it does offer a lot that can make you happy. It is not officially announced but we are discussing leaks and rumors to detail what it could be. Is this vivo Y85 full-screen mobile phone is worth buying? Mobile Configuration Vivo Y85 employs an eight-core frequency processor, 4GB RAM+32GB ROM storage, 6.26-inch 19:9 full screen, resolution 1440x720,13MPmegapixel main camera, 16MP front camera, battery capacity 3260mAh. Vivo for its equipped with a front 16 million pixel camera, with the new upgrade of the knowledge beauty algorithm and the background of the virtual function, the play is very rich.

Vivo’s impressive mission

The rear 13MP HD camera can synthesize 50 million ultra-high pixel photos by multi-frame sampling technique. It does not cost a lot. under the Vivo line of the major stores will also be open for sale hopefully. Vivo Y75 equipped gigantic screen and support X20 "the same" facial recognition, is a main push line under the comprehensive screen thousand models, is a good mobile phone. In this year, technological leaps a lot. With the development of screen technology, comprehensive screen ushered in a comprehensive outbreak. To always walk in the forefront of science and technology vivo, the advent of a comprehensive screen, although the arrival of the technology challenges, for the product is a value for further promotion of the opportunity, but also to the design to bring more possibilities. As early as earlier, Vivo launched its first comprehensive screen flagship model Vivo X20, with excellent overall screen design and excellent user experience has been recognized by consumers. For younger groups, however, they would prefer to see more excellent products with a full screen and more choices to highlight their personalities. And now this new phone should help a lot.

This time, in order to meet the young community for the personality and the pursuit of high color value, a new Y-series upgrade model--vivo Y85. In the use of smartphones, unlocking is our most common operation. To give users a safe and innovative unlock experience, Vivo Y85 with a new face Wake facial recognition. Only need to enter in the setting of the face information in advance, light the screen after the phone can quickly identify facial features and complete unlocking, both simple and convenient. With digital or graphics password, unlock can also play more tricks.

The big screen is helpful

Large screen phone, with the rapid development of technology, mobile phone design, and function also made a significant breakthrough. The full screen has become standard in many of the flagship models released this year. The overall screen design into the Thousand phone field, for the vast number of consumers to create a better use of experience. The continuation of last year's competitive situation, the comprehensive screen also continues to become the commanding heights of the manufacturers. Not long ago the domestic mobile phone brand Vivo launched the Y series of new Machine—y85 also officially listed to meet with you. As the Y series of the new masterpiece, it is not only carrying a 6.2-inch overall screen design but also equipped with a new AI black technology. So what are the different experiences of Y85 with Ai plus holding? Here, but also to mention a very practical function-the beautiful envelope assistant. After you open the envelopes, when your micro-letter received a red envelope, it will immediately remind you, when you click to grab the Red envelope interface, very convenient and practical. With a red envelope assistant, it can be said that is no longer afraid to miss the big benefits of red envelopes. It is worth mentioning is when you are using high-end apps, it should help a lot.

The mobile phone market noisy war is not ending soon, will soon usher in a new round of competition. In the domestic market, the best-selling no outside is Huawei, Vivo, OPPO, Mi, Samsung and other brands, as well as Apple this unique benchmark products, in recent years, are so. However, 2018 years of the mobile phone market, the most worth looking for is not all of these brands, want to understand that then continue to watch it. Vivo is working beautifully around the world and dropping good phones.

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