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Vivo Y71 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Vivo Y71

With the maturity of the technology, domestic manufacturers began to compete with big flagships a lot, vivo updated its Y-series model-Vivo Y71, as a medium-end model, in the consumer's most important performance, it will have what kind of performance? The following small series will be from the performance test, day-to-day applications, games and other aspects of the assessment, below to see how it behaves. As a midrange handset, Vivo Y71 uses a High-pass MSM8917 processor chip, employs four A53 low-power architectures, supplemented by an Adreno308 graphics processor, and believes it can give you an adequate life experience in everyday use. And the 4GB memory scheme is used to give more usable space. Larger memory can mount more applications in the background. Thanks to the latest operating ground, multitasking can be handled at high speed. And in terms of flash memory, the Vivo Y71 employs a 64GB flash solution that can install more applications and resources.

Give more space and possibility.

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. Full control of day-to-day applications, without fear of switching challenges A mobile phone, the most important thing is to see whether the daily use of fluency. In the small series of tests, vivo Y71 whether it is an open browser can respond promptly, no sense. The overall use of smoother thanks to the gesture operation, can be more convenient for all types of applications to switch back and forth. At this price, by many students are the party and just graduated young people, so the game performance is their purchase to consider the factors. In addition to excellent hardware, Vivo also used the game mode in the Vivo Y71, not only can optimize the application of notifications and calls, but also to the CPU intelligent scheduling, the full use of hardware resources. So this small series selected the glory of the king to test. To make a small part of the surprise is that vivo Y71 support King Glory offers high frame rate model. After opening the offers high frame rate mode, the overall frame rate has increased. In the daily alignment, the frame rate can be maintained at 45 frames, even to a large group battle, can still be maintained at 35 frames, the overall effect is relatively smooth.

In the use of small series, the overall frame rate has been improved steadily after the offers high frame rate mode is opened. Whether in the indoor picking up equipment or running outdoors, the performance of Vivo Y71 is stable, there is no large frame rate fluctuation, can meet the basic fluency. Thanks to the Low-power A53 architecture and 3360mAh battery, Vivo Y71 's endurance performance made the small series satisfied. In the small series of a four-hour endurance test, open WiFi, screen brightness 50%. Vivo Y71 after 1h local video, 1h music, 1h games, 1h call, the overall power remaining 62%. According to user feedback, in daily use, the use of power support throughout the day is no problem, this score in this price belongs to the excellent level, but also demonstrated the Vivo Y71 optimization level. Written in the last The performance of the Vivo Y71 in fact in small series of expected, by virtue of Qualcomm MSM8917 processing chips, reached the average level of this price. Whether in the daily application of the open or switch, can meet the requirements for fluency.

And in the game test, it held the glory of the king and stimulate the battlefield, although the number of frames than the high-end flagship, still come up with the medium-end models should be the level. Therefore, Vivo Y71 performance is in line with our current requirements for this price, overall, vivo Y71 at the same price still has a certain competitive strength. Many flagship models and mid-rangers released this year, full screen, Vivo’s another new phone, Vivo Y71 is full screen to the thousand-tier market. The Vivo Y71 uses a 5.99-inch 18:9 Full-screen design, and covers 2.5D of curved surface glass, with a screen account of 84.4%. Y71 's positive design style is more concise, the upper and lower borders adopt the equal-width design, the top of the screen from left and right respectively for the front camera, handset and sensor. Vivo Y71 adopts the full fitting process, which makes the fuselage more frivolous and small. In the back design, Vivo Y71 used an integrated injection molding and abrasive coating process, the design of its large arc surface is also more fitting hands. Configuration, the Vivo Y71 is equipped with the Gaotong 425 processor, with a 4GB+64GB memory portfolio.

The fuselage thickness of the Y71 is 7.8mm and the battery capacity is 3360mAh.On camera, Y71 uses a rear 13 million pixel single camera design, supporting super clear quality, document correction, professional photography, slow lenses, time-lapse photography, filters, dynamic photos and many other functions; its front camera is 5 million pixels, support AI beauty technology and face wake facial recognition unlock technology. In the system, Vivo Y71 is the main feature of its Jovi AI intelligent assistant, it can actively understand the user's habits, laws, and other information, through learning for the user's life to bring convenience. Vivo Y71 A total of black, champagne gold two color matching.

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