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Vivo Y66 Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Vivo Y66 in Pakistan

Vivo a tech giant which has appeared across the globe after changing trends in the market. Vivo is basically a Chinese company which kept on selling their mobiles in the bounds of China for years but in 2014 they launched their mobiles in Thai and then as they noticed the changing trends in the market towards accepting Huawei and other companies mobiles then company finally decided to step in the Asian countries as well. And it's not too old when Vivo mobiles have hit the shelves of Pakistani market with their powerful products. Their common aim is to supply high-end products with relatively low prices across the world. The factor that has contributed to the success of the company is that they have a wide range of mobile phones. They have offered their three series X, Y, and Z in Pakistan. Their price ranges from cheap phones to mid price range phones as well depending on the specs. But as compared to other series Y series has comparatively low price mobile like their Vivo Y53 that has a very cheap price in Pakistan. And now in December company has offered its Vivo Y66 in that has powerful specs and along with that Vivo Y66 price in Pakistan is also very reasonable.

Specs of Vivo Y66 in Pakistan

 Vivo Y66 2018 has been presented by the company with a sleek brilliant design company has offered Vivo Y66 with a 2.5 D curved glass, that has a back cover that gleams with metallic radiance and has a unique unibody design. As per Vivo Y66 reviews, this is a perfect device to fit in hand and its signature look make it your partner for every occasion. Vivo Y66 specs involve an IPS LCD cap active touchscreen display with the support of  16 million colors. The interesting factor about Vivo Y66 is that it has a 5.5 inches display and along with that it has mode settings it has an eye protection mode that automatically adjust the required light for you and you will get only as much light as you want.

Vivo Y66 2018 is offered to you with an Octa-core processor that has a 3GB Ram back up and along with that company also facilitates you and let you enjoy a faster multitasking a fast experience that was never ever before. Vivo Y66 has a number of specs that make it special and before this they were available to you in only high-end phones like Vivo offers you a split screen feature that enables you to see two apps at a time suppose you were watching a movie and here comes a message so you can split the screen in to two sections half you can use for your movie and the other half you can open whatever you and reply . These all the specs that Vivo Y66 has offered you with comparatively low price in the market than any other company.

Vivo Y66 is a powerful device for many reasons

Vivo Y66 is a powerful device for many reasons like its excellent device for any reason especially its camera specs company has equipped it  with a 16 mp front camera that has powerful image resolution and features extraordinary clarity and vivid natural color with every selfie so that your every selfie looks awesome along with it Vivo Y66 has selfie spotlight that can radiate your beauty and can produce beauty effects like a professional photo studio and give your face the look of professional model. Along with that Vivo Y66, professional beauty mode that has a lot of features to enhance your photos is also a part of Vivo Y66. A rear camera of 13 Mp is also there to capture your special movements and along with all these specs your Vivo Y66 also provide you with the facility to shot 4k videos that will help to store your every memory with you and if you feel the space provided to you is less than Vivo Y66 also has a slot for memory card.

Vivo Y66 is available in Pakistani market in only white color in other areas you may find other colors in it. The battery is one of the key factors to notice when it comes to the purchase of a smartphone and company is well aware of these psyches and keeping in view they have a 3000 mah battery enough to provide you with a sufficient talk time. And with an advanced technology launched in Vivo Y66 which manages the drainage of battery you can use it for a long time. Vivo Y66 2018  support dual Sim as well.

Final Verdict  

Vivo Y66 is one of the most highly equipped devices launched by the company with reasonable price in Pakistan. It has a 5.5 inches display, stylish and sleek design, come with the powerful processor, higher resolution and most above of all Vivo Y66 is expected to be around only 15,000 very cheap. So if you are looking for a cheap phone to own check Vivo Y66 2018 also it is a good option.

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