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Vivo Y65 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Vivo Y65 Price in Pakistan

Vivo Y65 is an affordable smartphone. With 3GB of RAM, Y65 quickly and efficiently handles multiple tasks simultaneously. It will become the perfect companion in your busy life and impress you with stable and high performance. Y65 is equipped with a main camera with 13 MP resolution and a range of stunning photo-modes. Make unbelievably crisp pictures of the most vivid events to keep the memory of them for many years to come. The brightness of the y65 screen automatically increases with insufficient light, so you can make a bright and clear selfie. Even the darkest night will not hide your beauty. The large display with a diagonal of 5.5 "is distinguished by high sharpness and bright colors. This is your personal miniature cinema. The elegant classical design of the case y65 attracts attention, and the ultra casing with a thickness of only 7.5 mm with smooth curves comfortably lies in the hand. Y65 is equipped with three card slots and provides complete freedom of choice. Two slots support the speed of data transfer over the Internet up to 150 Mbps, helping to stay connected and work at high speed. The third slot supports external memory cards up to 256 GB for convenient storage of your favorite videos, images, etc.


It is easier to perform several tasks at once thanks to the updated mode Smart Split 3.0. When you receive a message while watching a video, you can split the screen in two with one click. In addition, you can swipe three fingers from top to bottom to run other apps in Split screen mode without pausing the video and chatting. This special function filters the blue part of the spectrum so that the eyes are not overexerted. Turn on the y65 eye protection mode and go. The screen is quite standard sizes diagonal 5.5 inches, with resolution of 1280x720 pixels, pixel density 267 DPI, usable surface 71 percent, type IPS. Materials from which the gadget is made: plastic, metal. The size of the ram is quite decent and is 3GB. Internal memory at the phone is quite a lot-16GB, quite enough for most users. Internal memory can be increased by cards with maximum volume up to 32 GGB. The processor is Quad Core, 4 cores operating at a frequency of 1400 MHz, technological process 28 nm. The scheme of the chipset 4x 1.4 GHz ARM Cortex-A53. Accelerator Adreno 308 works with graphics. As smartphones progress so fast, there is always something waiting to be released. You've just found the latest phone, and there's something else to look forward to. Many mid-range phones in 2017, and we think it's the best smartphone in all platforms. Here, we are looking at the phones that have not yet been launched, that is, the latest mobile phone will be launched in 2017. We believe that the rumors of these devices are credible and exciting, and the equipment has just been announced but has not yet been released.

Since then, the domestic smart phone industry to open a high-speed development model, domestic brands have gradually emerged. Today, in the world's top five of mobile phone manufacturers, there have been many domestic brands, Samsung, Mi as the representative of the brand, not only favored by domestic users, but also in foreign countries are sought after. Looking back on the mobile phone circle, the product is the important part of games. Because the product is the manufacturer in a certain period of time the crystallization of efforts, but also the user's ultimate experience of the carrier, through the product, consumers and brands can produce contact. Simply put, the product's "good or bad" directly determines the consumer's desire to buy, and the mobile phone as the representative of the media is a product of consumer awareness of a "good or bad" the main channel.

Mobile market is expanding

For mobile phone purchase, many consumers are most concerned about the price factor. With the continuous improvement of the user's demand for the mobile phone function, "intelligence" has become the important reference factor when the user chooses the mobile phone. Although the positioning of high-end mobile phones in the overall performance, as well as the design has a certain advantage, but the high price for the vast majority of consumers are still more difficult to accept, and the thousand-level mobile phones in these areas it is difficult to meet a large part of the needs of users. The smart phone at normal price has a good balance of appearance and performance.

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