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Vivo Y25 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Vivo Y25 in Pakistan

Vivo is a Chinese tech giant who has established themselves across the global market with the introduction of their innovative products company has worked across the world and they have offered various products including high end phones on reasonable price in Pakistan. The beauty of Vivo phones is that they have a wide range of phones starting from low priced and with entry level smartphone to the market and the interesting fact is that the price of their products is very reasonable in the market. recently company has launched its 3 series in the market which are named as X series, Y series and V series. Their Y series is comparatively low priced and has a wide range of variety. Almost every month company is offering something new in the market the market that is unique and different from the previous one like now company has offered its Y25 2018  in Pakistan a stylish phone with comparative reasonable price in Pakistan.

Specs of Vivo Y25 in Pakistan

The company has offered its Vivo Y 25  2018 in Pakistan as an entry-level phone. The company has offered its Vivo Y 25 with a 4.5 inches display. Some one may say that when such a large screen displays are available in Pakistan so why one should buy a phone that has such a small display so the simple answer to the question is every on has its own priorities we still have many people in Pakistan that has the interest to buy phones with small screen and they dont want such a large screen and thus as we have already discussed it that this is the quality of Vivo that they have products screen  size of 6.4 inches and  for every sector in the country whether those who are love of large screen so Vivo has for them the large screen that has display of only  4.5 inches.

The company has tried to accommodate maximum specs in the device that an entry-level phone can have to make it equipped like they have offered Quad-core processor that operates on a speed of 1.3 GHz this is something very good in an entry-level device. Moving forward from a processor to Ram so the company has equipped the device with 1 GB Ram and along with that, they have a built-in memory of 16 GB. Space may seem less but basically, the fact is that the company has designed the device capable to support micro SD card up to256 GB so now your space issue has been sorted and you can go for it. The operating system has a vital role when it comes to the proper functioning of mobile so Vivo Y25 has offered Fun touch OS operating system based on Android 5.1 lollipop and has made the device completely functional to work on an appropriate speed.

Some time cheap options are good like Vivo Y25

Vivo Y25 2018Price in Pakistan is expected to be around 13,000 which is very reasonable company has Vivo Y25 2018 with a rear camera of 5 MP that has an auto with a front focus and LED flash and along with that they have equipped Vivo Y25 latest model selfie camera of 2 mp. As per the statistics, the company has adjusted the Vivo Y25 2018 with a capacity of 3000 photos and 2000 photos at a time these specs are more than enough to have fun with. Vivo camera is playing the key feature to offer all major spec that is needed in any camera. The company has offered its Vivo Y 25 2018 in interesting colors like white and Gray that has played a vital role in the sale of the phone.

Vivo Y 25 2018 has been equipped to support  3G, 34, HOT SPOT, WIFI, and  Bluetooth as well. The company has offered Y 25 2018 as one of the most featured devices of time and they have offered it with photo/Video editor, document Viewer, Mp3 and Mp4 player and most above of all they have equipped the device with the sensors like proximity and accelerometer. And of course, it does not mean that if you are paying less so the company has detected any key feature instead they have offered its Vivo Y 25 2018 with a GPS as well to navigate and check with the locations where ever you are fun should never stop. The company has designed Vivo Y25 2018 elegantly and has given it a height of Vivo Y 25 2018 with 130.7mm, the width of 66.4 mm, the thickness of 9.2 mm.

Final Verdict

If you are one of those who those who want all the basics of a smartphone and even dont want to spend more then you are informed that Vivo has sorted the issue an they have offered its Vivo Y 25 2018 with all the basic of a phone like a proper display, powerful processor, basic front and rear camera and along with that reasonable price in Pakistan. This phone has appeared as a rival to Huawei phones in the market.

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