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Vivo Xplay 7 Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Vivo Xplay 7 in Pakistan 

Vivo mobile a fan of innovation and technology and is eager to introduce something new and more innovative in the market from the previous one. The company started its origin back in China and since 2014 they were selling their mobiles within China only but with the company started its expansion and for the first time they sent their products to Thai later with success they moved on to other countries as well. And now you can find Vivo mobiles in more than 100 countries of the world. Vivo mobiles are basically high-end phones with comparatively low prices in Pakistan. They have basically launched their three series in the country X, Y and V series their X series has a relatively high price in Pakistan than other two series while Y and Z are in the range of every local some of the models like especially Y53 are very cheap in Pakistan. The beauty of Vivo mobile is that they have paid attention to the looks, powerful hardware, excellent camera specs and then reasonable prices in Pakistan. Vivo Xplay was expected to be launched in December 2017 but could get hopefully the company will soon launch its Vivo Xplay 7 2018 in Pakistan.

Vivo Xplay 7 specs in Pakistan

The company has offered its Vivo Xplay 7 equipped with a super AMOLED  screen with a display of 6.0 inches. As per the beginning rumors it was expected that it will come with a 5.5 inches display but the company has offered it's Vivo Xplay 7 with a 6.0 inches display. With a back aluminum frame and the protection of front corning glass has made it one of the most stylish and classy product to own as per reviews of Vivo Xplay 7. The new thing which has made Vivo Xplay 7 so special is about its fingerprint sensors that are expected to be launched below the screen. Samsung and LG have been craving for this technology since long but Vivo Xplay 7 2018 has made it practical and this is the beauty of company that they are so fast and quick.

Vivo Xplay 7 ‘s dimensions has not been specified yet so we won’t discuss them but the major reasons which have contributed for the fame of Vivo Xplay 7 2018 is its powerful hardware as per the news we have information that company has equipped the device with an Octa core processor paired with a 6 GB Ram these are the specs that have made this device faster and efficient in performance and when it comes to gaming and live streaming then when a 6 GB ram is paired with a faster Adreno GPU then obviously its gaming speed will double up many times and their will be endless fun to enjoy.6 Gb ram is one of the most powerful specs ever offered in any mobile phone especially in Pakistan.

Vivo Xplay 7 a powerful device to own

Vivo Xplay 7 may seem a little expansive in Pakistan but the specs which company has offered were not possible in less then this price as per the news company is going to offer it Vivo Xplay 7 with the dual 12 mp front and on the rear both side and they are taking the help for the development of their camera sensor from Sony every one of us knows the quality result from Sony camera so how can you ignore the quality which now the Vivo mobiles will offer with their cameras and if they are combined and watched on as screen that has a display resolution of 1080 by 2160 then you can  not deny how awesome it will be. With such powerful camera specs obviously you can shoot 4k videos as well and when someone has all this in your hand then you will for sure want enough space to store them as well.

So here basically we have come across with a good news and a slightly bad news the good news is that company has offered Vivo Xplay 7 2018 with a built-in memory of 128 GB that is for sure more than enough to store a lot but on the other end the issue which we are facing here is that it does not have a support for memory card so you have to manage all in the space provided. Privacy of your mobile we have already discussed that it has the fingerprint sensor along with all basic sensors as well as proximity, compass, barometer.

Final Verdict

Vivo Xplay 7 was already announced by the company that it will prove a tough rival for its competitors and the specs they have offered with their Vivo X play 7 they are worthing their words they have enhanced the size of battery for their this model as well and has offered  it with a 3500 mAH battery which will provide you a sufficient supply for a day on multi-tasking and when it comes to its    price as well so Vivo Xplay 7 2018 price in Pakistan is expected to be 40,000.

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