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Vivo X9s Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Vivo X9s in Pakistan

Vivo a Chinese tech giant and world 10th most selling mobile phones have attained this position within a short span of around 5 years after the success of Huawei phones Chinese company decided to introduce its products across the world in 2014 and now Vivo mobiles are available across 100 countries f world. The beauty of Vivo is that they have provided the customer with unlimited options almost every month they come in the market with some new product and every product is different from the previous once and hence they have almost product for every range of customers. From cheap priced phones to high-end phones Vivo has the variety and now the company has launched its Vivo X9s in Pakistan as well the company has made the choice even complicated here that they will soon introduce their Vivo X9S plus in the market. Both have same camera specs but the difference in screen sizes. So lets have a Vivo X9S review.

Specs of Vivo X9s in Pakistan

Vivo X9s 2018 has been introduced in 2017 but in Pakistan now its 2018 model is available for sale. The company has offered its Vivo X9s 2018 in Pakistan with an IPS LCD touchscreen display but as we mentioned that it has a size of 5.85 so you will have a much wider view. As you may be familiar with the fact that resolution contributes a lot in the clear view of the picture on a screen so here Vivo X9s is presented to you with 1080 by 1920 resolution so now you can see everything clear and sharp as well. Vivo X9S 2018 is designed carefully with a metallic frame at the back and is protected at the front with the corning glass that protects the screen and gives it an awesome look as well. It has been launched with a height of 162mm, the width of 78.9 mm, the thickness of 7.3 mm and a weight of 183 g so now you are offered with a lightweight device to hold in your hand or carry in your pocket depends on you.

Hardware of a device is a key factor to notice especially when it comes the multitasking of phone and people are keen to check when they are about to buy a new smartphone so Vivo mobile has not taken a chance with it and they have offered with an Octa-core processor and a gaming processor of Adreno 510 and together when they are paired with a 4 GB  Ram then this will let you enjoy a battery and faster experience that you never had before in the past. The company has not been careless even from the perspective of an operating system and thus they have offered their own customized and a better operating system FunTouch O.S 3.1 that functions on Android 7.0.1 and will definitely let you experience a faster functionality then you had experienced before.

Vivo X9s is a powerful and beautiful device

Vivo X9s 2018 can be a priority for many reasons as it has a powerful camera as well. Everyone is well aware of the fact that Vivo mobiles are famous for their cameras and company has proved it here they have offered 16 MP primary camera and dual primary camera 20+5 MP as like all other companies they have equipped  Vivo X9s with the features like autofocus, LED flash,panaroma, HDR but with all those there is something more that you can have only with the Vivo and that is basically Vivo especially designed beauty algorithm that enhances your looks on the camera and prominents the most beautiful part of your face along with that Vivo X9s 2018 has the group selfie option that let you capture your all friends and of course Vivo provides to shoot 4k videos as well. But along with all these specs we would like to inform you that you have to manage all this in the 64 GB built-in memory provided to you as this device does no has the memory card slot the only reported flaw. But even though 64 GB is more then enough you can store a lot.

The company has offered Vivo X9s 2018 with the split screen feature as well that let you perform more than one task simultaneously and you can reply to someone text as well while being watching a movie no need to close. Then with a Vivo X9S 2018, you dont have to bother about your privacy as it has a fingerprint sensor that can stop the unauthorized invasion.

Final Verdict

Vivo X9s 2018 has appeared in the market as a tough rival to many smartphone companies because of their widescreen powerful hardware a long lasting battery of 4015 mAH that is for sure can provide you a back for more than a day  and most above of all with all these specs even Vivo X9s 2018 price in Pakistan is around 40,000 that is very competitive as compared to other available products of this class in the market.


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