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Vivo X21 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Vivo X21

Vivo X21 price is high but it does offer an extensive range of features for life. For the new flagship of the Vivo, it can be described as "a new ear screen", not only the HiFi is upgraded, the continuation of the AK4376A scheme and the Deep Field deep space sound effect, and vivo X21 screen in screen accounted for a breakthrough. Now, if you have the idea of buying a vivo X21, you might want to take a look at the issues you may be concerned about. Vivo X21 Screen identification version of the fingerprint unlock fast? Vivo X20 fingerprint identification version? Presumably, everyone to vivo X21 bright spot has been obvious, that is located in the front of the mobile phone screen fingerprint technology, it can make a comprehensive screen mobile phone to obtain a very integrated appearance, is currently a comprehensive screen mobile phone more natural, the nature of the unlocking scheme. At the same time, each screen fingerprint version of the mobile phone is in advance vivo screen fingerprint official custom film, the integration of more strong.

Very powerful

As can be seen from the above test, the Vivo X21 screen recognition version is slightly faster than the Vivo X20 screen recognition version, which is the vivo clear ID. Also can be accurate finger recognition, support for local TLC/AES/ECC encryption also makes its security more robust protection. Vivo X21 face wake and iPhone X face ID who unlocked faster? Although all belong to "facial recognition" category, but Vivo X21 and the iPhone X unlock mechanism is slightly different: Face ID in the unlock still have to be on the slide to unlock, in order to do vivo X21, can be set to "Raise your hand bright screen" to unlock, lifting hands than face ID less a "up slippery" step. Vivo phones are becoming impressed with the passage of time. Taking a look at the actual operation comparison After the comparison, I can feel that the iPhone X is actually a bit slow in the unlock process, because the iPhone X facial recognition has to have a "slip" action at all events, and Vivo X21 can be set to "lift and unlock" the quick operation, so in vivo X21 is quicker to unlock the face. Vivo X21 "raised the bright screen" how to set up? Although the Vivo X21 has a "lift to the screen" feature, and this feature is convenient for users to unlock the shortcut, but it is not the default option, requires users to set up to use.

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. What is the actual experience with AI? Speaking of mobile AI, perhaps the most we know is the phone's smart voice assistant, such as Apple's Siri, Samsung's Bixby, the Vivo introduced the smart voice assistant called "Jovi", its intelligent scene can help users better manage life and work things. This feature enables users to make quick calls, view express messages, view merchant information, understand the character encyclopedia, view movie scores, book hotels, view flights/trips, create schedules/notes, and perform search functions. Specifically, Jovi's smart scene can be the mobile phone on the important content of information aggregation-intelligent recognition of train tickets, ticket departure and arrival time reminders, movie tickets to play time, commute to travel road reminders, travel destinations temperature reminders, and so on, basically users daily use of the reminder function, Jovi Ai can be recorded in detail, for users to view the unified, greatly improve our life efficiency.

Beautiful design and powerful camera

Single-piece hardware configuration, Vivo X21 has a slight advantage: Vivo X21 using 2x12 MP pixels (24 million photosensitive unit) hardware, support full pixel dual-core speed focus, P3 shooting gamut to bring more colorful photography, photo color more vivid. The iPhone X uses 12 million wide-angle + telephoto lens combinations, and two camera heads have optical stabilization; The main advantage experience is that the picture will be more stable when shooting with a telephoto lens. It can be said that two of mobile phones have today's smartphones in the good hardware properties, the following through the comparison of proofs, to feel the next two "photo artifact" to bring us the charm

As you can see, the color reduction of vivo X21 is more accurate, the treatment of "light and shade" is more realistic, closer to the view of the human eye, and the iPhone X is more professional in detail processing. It can be said that two of mobile phone imaging are "not general", if you want to be more than a high or low, the third backlight building map, Vivo X21 in the light environment white balance performance Normal, and the iPhone X has a slight "halo", the level of slightly worse, so vivo X21 in the backlight shot better.

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