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Vivo V9 youth Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Vivo V9 Youth

Vivo V9 Youth is simply a trimmed down version of original Vivo V9. This is more affordable version of Vivo V9. The difference in price between models is about 50 euros. In terms of the specifications, Vivo V9 Youth is somewhat simpler. The "Heart" of this device was the chipset Snapdragon 450, while the original model was built on the basis of octa-core chip. The rear camera Vivo V9 Youth is represented by a coupling of modules 16 + 2 MP (instead of 16 + 5 MP). The resolution of the Vivo V9 Youth Front camera is 16 MP, while V9 used 24 MP module. Also in the asset Vivo V9 Youth are 6.3-inch display resolution 1080x2280 points (19:9, with a cutout under the front camera), 4 GB of RAM and a battery capacity of 3260 mah. The Vivo V9 Youth will be produced in black and golden colors.

What about the original phone?

V9 and the cooperation of the treasure also mark the Vivo will be in the field of artificial intelligence continued exerting force, become the leader of the domestic mobile phone. In Thailand's first press conference, the company demonstrated vivo use the front camera to accurately capture the user's facial expression changes while using a microphone to record the user's voice, the final generation of a 10s-long cute 3D animation expression.

Apple iPhone X is wide but very expensive but this phone is cheap. Vivo with AI concept is impressive, aiming at the middle-order high CP value consumer groups. The Vivo V9 has a 19:9 scale 6.3-inch fhd+ screen with a left and right border of 1.75mm, still holding a 5.5-inch grip, a high-definition screen plus a 90% high screen footprint, a bigger and clearer picture Vivo V9 uses a new generation of face recognition technology, and the screen lights up for a moment to detect facial features, The rapid completion of face recognition and unlock, and can be sensitive to the reflection of photos and the subtle action of the face, reduce the use of photos, video and other unlock the possibility of a significant increase in security. Face recognition with lifting wake function, without touching any button can easily unlock, with the back of the fingerprint to unlock the use of more simple and convenient. In the photograph aspect, the Vivo V9 front lens is 24MP draws the element, after is placed for 16MP draws the element and 5 million draws the element double lens, plus the AI intelligence double takes the function, may the more accurate recognition portrait, the depth of field fictitious effect is more outstanding.

With vivo developed AI HDR technology, in the strong light or backlight environment, still can be photographed clear and bright. Ai beauty, by collecting millions of people around the world face image database, can accurately judge the user's age, sex, skin, skin and other characteristics, comprehensive recommendations of the best personalized beauty effect, and can identify the ambient light, according to the intensity of the ambient light automatically adjusted to make the photo more beautiful natural. Vivo V9 will also learn user habits, in the subsequent photo process automatically adjusted to provide the most suitable for the United States color scheme, so that the more convenient for self-portraits. Vivo V9 of the light effect function, can carry out light processing, create lifelike, natural lighting effect, but also can quickly recognize the face angle and self-portrait scene, differential, personalized recognition processing, support natural light, studio light, stereo, monochrome background 4 kinds of professional light effect. So that self-portraits can be comparable to the artistic effect of a photography studio. Operational performance aspect, Vivo V9 joins AI intelligence engine, can according to user's operating habits and preferences, control backstage and memory allocation, forecast next use behavior, start and switch the application speed increase 20%, the operation is smoother and can save electricity.

Affordable and beautiful

A screen of smartphones, changing not only the mobile phone, will also bring the whole industry chain upgrade innovation. The general trend, whether it has been released or is about to launch a comprehensive screen mobile phones, many mobile phone manufacturers seem to focus on a comprehensive screen, in order to open the market gap, a comprehensive screen is accelerating to the low end of the market popularization. Looking for a cheap but best smartphone? Focus on what Vivo is doing to make people happy. Vivo phones are good to use, this company has become one of best smartphone brand in the world.

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