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Vivo V7 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Vivo V7 in Pakistan

Smartphones market are changing and becoming complex and vast with every coming day it was never this much difficult to choose a smartphone in the past as it has become now. We had fee nominated companies Nokia or Apple or maybe Samsung and they were launching one model  per year people were rushing around them for the whole year and that’s all but now the things have become more complicated and we have a lot more choices as soon as China has entered in the market they have increased the competition and have to take the mobile phone technology to a new level they have entered with the number of companies that have mobiles from cheap prices to luxurious handset. It was not easy for one to buy a mobile phone with sharp camera in the past but now Vivo and Oppo has made it possible and damn easy for you they are offering high-end mobiles with reasonable prices in Pakistan like now they have launched their 18:9 full length display Vivo V7 with reasonable price in  Pakistan.

Vivo V7 a beautiful and powerful device

Vivo V7 has been launched with the most classical features one can expect from a mobile phone. Vivo has launched it's Vivo V7 2018 has been offered with a full-screen HD display that has 83.6 % body to screen ratio and has only 2.15 mm bezel just like negligible and with an immersive display Vivo V7 is something with which you should fall in love with a piece of art in your hand. Vivo V7 2018 has been designed with a metallic frame at the back and the front with a 2.5 d curved Corning glass that when combined as Unibody gives you an awesome look. A signatory mobile phone to hold in your hand that will reflect your high choice and style.

The company has equipped it's with Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core processor that works with the speed of 1.8 GHz that is for sure give you a 20% faster and smoother speed than the previous generation. A Ram of 4 GB will help to let the device move fastly and let you switch between different apps and more. The built-in memory of Vivo V7 is only 32 GB but the company is well aware of the fact that fun should never be stopped and hence they have offered the capacity to support a 256 GB sd card unlimited space for gaming and whatever you want. Additional FunTouch OS that is basically a customized form of Android 7.1 enhances the functionality of this mobile and let you enjoy a smother device. The additional prominent features of Vivo V7 involves the split screen feature with the help of which now you can watch a movie and go for texting in the same context. Vivo V7 2018 model has been featured with face access as well

Vivo V7 2018 powerful and beautiful

 Vivo V7 is a worthy device to own for many reasons and one of its more powerful specs involve  its front camera people are very much self-aware nowadays and they want to capture their every movement as well so cameras are very important for them and this especially the front one so Vivo V7 2018  is available to you with a 24 MP front camera that along with Vivo exclusive algorithm for beauty helps to enhance the look of your picture and offer you a picture with crystal clear view. It's not only about the front cameras company has offered its rear camera with a 16 MP resolution that can capture 64 mp photos along with the portrait mode. now the eery movement is awesome and with your powerful camera specs you can capture every part of it and can store it as an eternal memory of yours. Vivo V7reviews about camera specs are very positive and people have appreciated company effort. After all these powerful specs battery feedbacks is very important to the company has equipped Vivo V7 2018 with a powerful battery of 3000 MAH that is sufficient enough to provide you with a talk time of 21 hours. And if you go for the simple routine task on your mobile so the battery may last more then a day.The company has made Vivo V7 2018 completely private with the introduction of a fingerprint sensor in your device now no matter where ever your device is with the help of fingerprint scanner no one can open it except you.

Final Verdict

The company has equipped its Vivo V7 with all the high-end specs and yet they have retained the price of Vivo V72018 model on a reasonable price and have offered it for only 24,999 in Pakistan. Vivo V7 2018 is available with a full HD display, bezel-free screen, powerful hardware, split screen and most above of all price in Pakistan is very reasonable so if you are also looking for a mid-range phone to own check Vivo V7 specs it may suit you.

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