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Vivo V5 Lite Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Vivo V5 lite in Pakistan

Vivo mobile famous for the production of versatile products they have products for everyone and this is their beauty as well as the major reason for their success in Pakistan and across the world. It is not an old story when Nokia was the only leader in the market with the production of their long-lasting batteries. But then with the launch of iPhone in the industry, the industry went though revolution and a new chapter of touchscreen started. But what interesting happened after this drastic change was actually that people started to take a chance with different companies and finally they switched from the typical trends. Vivo is one of those companies which have been surviving across China for many years and has stepped into the technical world after 2014 and right now they have hit the shelves of more than 100 countries across the world. In Pakistan, Vivo launched its V5 in the form of three Variants The first one is VivoV5s, Vivo V5  plus and finally they present you Vivo V5 lite and all these are among the most classy mobiles offered in the market.

Specs of Vivo V5 lite in Pakistan

Vivo V5 lite is one of the most stylish phone which you can get with reasonable price in Pakistan. The company has launched its Vivo V5 lite with a 2.5 d curve glass that has a back cover that gleams with metallic radiance and with a unique unibody design your V5 lite is a piece of art to hold in hand that looks perfect and extremely stylish. Lets have a look at its dimensions so Vivo V5 has a 5.5 inches screen display that has an IPS LCD screen and comes with a length of 6.06 inches by the width of 2.97 inches and has a thickness of o.30 inches. The Vivo V5 lite full specs involve it as a lightweight device to hold in hand for only a weight of 155g. Vivo V5 lite reviews have been very positive regarding its looks that it is one of the most stylish phone to hold in hand with a support of Dual Sim.

Hardware plays a key role when it comes to the functionality of mobile and thus they have packed it with an Octa-core processor paired with 3GB Ram let you enjoy the power in your hand and let the device move fastlly whether it comes to multitasking or playing some game Vivo V5 lite is your fun partner. And when it comes to space even company is keen about your concerns and they have offered 32 GB built-in memory that can expand up to 128 GB so now unlimited fun with your device that is already equipped with Funtouch OS based on Android 6.0 that has enhanced the functionality of the mobile and has made it much quicker and fast.

Vivo V5 lite a powerful and beautiful device

Vivo V5 lite has number of powerful specs that you can not find any where else in the world like its split screen 2.0 feature one of the most powerful specs that allows you to enjoy your multitasking when you are even watching movie and you can text or can see an important document as well and  when it comes to eye protection mode so Vivo  is not left behind and they have equipped the device with an eye protection mode. Along with these specs when it comes to the purchase of phone people in Pakistan pay special attention to the camera specs and this is where Vivo is on competition and they came in the market with a 16 MP front camera and a 13 MP rear camera that is the fruit of Vivo infinite struggle from many years as a result of which they have derived their powerful and high-resolution cameras that forms image with extraordinary clarity and vivid natural colors that make look every selfie perfect and sharper. Then their spotlight perfect selfie spotlight highlights every best feature out of you and thus you can have a picture that was possible only with the professional photographers.

The battery is a vital factor to check with when it comes to a smartphone and Vivo have not overlooked the importance of it and they have offered their Vivo V5 lite with a 3000 mAH battery that along with its smart engine 2.0 handle the drainage of battery and enables it to be your partner with a long time. The company has offered its Vivo V5 lite in crown gold and space Grey color.

Final Verdict

Vivo V5 lite has been launched in the market with very reasonable price and for the reason, they have appeared as a tough rival to Huawei phone in the market. If you are also looking for a reasonable price phone that has a wide display excellent camera result and powerful hardware a5s well then check with Vivo V5 lite you will love it.

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