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Vivo NEX Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Vivo NEX

Vivo NEX is one of best smartphone you should buy if you like to have innovative devices. The company has Vivo NEX with an in-display fingerprint scanner and there is a non-in-display fingerprint scanner as well, known as Vivo NEX S. Smartphones are equipped with 6.59-inch vertically elongated IPS-displays with an aspect ratio of 19:9 and Full HD + resolution. On the device images, you can see that their top frame is the width of the lateral "struts", but the screen does not have a traditional cutout for such cases. The slit for the conversational dynamics on pictures is invisible, from what it is possible to assume, that developers have applied an acoustic system similar to that used in Xiaomi Mi MIX. In addition, the phone may have an ultrasonic proximity sensor.

The phone has 8MP front sided camera in the module, which is pushed from the top end. Thanks to this solution, the manufacturer was able to get rid of "bangs", for which many criticize the iPhone X and its followers. The rear camera is built on the base of the main 12-megapixel sensor and the auxiliary 5-megapixel sensor used when shooting portraits with blurred background. As it is now fashionable, in the processing of photos used artificial intelligence.


The key differences between Vivo NEX and NEX S are reflected in the three BOM points. First, it is a hardware platform: The basic NEX is built on the basis of the single-chip system. The amount of RAM is different: NEX is set to 6 GB, NEX S is 8 GB. The built-in drive is always 128-gigabyte. Third, the fingerprint scanner in NEX S is hidden in the display, and in NEX it is located on the back panel.

Other characteristics of the devices are identical and include audio subsystem with DAC Asahi Kasei ak4376a, WI-Fi 802.11 ac Adapters and Bluetooth 5.0, GPS-receiver, USB port Type-C and 3.5 -MM audio. The dimensions of the devices are also the same-162 × 77 × 7.98 mm. Vivo NEX and NEX S will be delivered in black, red and blue colors. Just like OPPO R15, this company introduced Vivo X20 UD and X20 UD that has already impressed with an in-display fingerprint scanner. The X21 model is made taking into account all the main trends at the beginning of 2018, including the elongated screen with a cut from above. In addition to the usual X21, X21 UD was released with a fingerprint scanner built into the display. Among top smartphones, you can find Vivo X21 UD-the smartphone with a subscreen fingerprint sensor on the market. Other phones like the Samsung Galaxy S9, which have impressed the market with same old but great design. You can even find Apple iPhone X and the announcement of the smartphone vivo Apex, as well. Vivo V21 comes with a traditional fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone, and the Vivo X21 UD is equipped with a fingerprint sensor, as in the recently released Vivo X20 Plus UD. In addition to this sensor, the remaining characteristics of both phones are completely identical.

New trends

Quickly aging thing. It costs one manufacturer to release a smartphone with top characteristics, as a trace of a dozen other manufacturers offers models, at least, not worse. If you are thinking about which phone to buy in 2018, then with the habit of orienting in a huge variety of brands and models is very difficult. This new phone should impress the market a lot. We like to see new changes when buying a new phone and this new phone has something new in terms of design and software. The increase of all-screen smartphones is good to see in the market. So many people like this trend as it generates a beautiful look and feel. We can get hands to more content easily with this new trend. This leads to more screen-to-body ratio, Vivo NEX price is high but it is something different to try. The company has already maintained a good position in the market to impress customers and now this new technique can bag more profit into company’s bag. Having new features give a little different experience to enjoy. With the passage of time, companies have managed to add many new features.

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