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Tecno Camon X Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Tecno Camon X

Tecno Camon X is a budget smartphone you can buy at not very high price. TECNO, a mobile phone company that is working good, and expanding its market. TECNO does not produce phone considering opinions of our employees, but the company is considering further advice and the views of the users to give them a better compared with the past. CAMON X with 20 m SELFIE + 16MP user be sure to photograph in less light to get a picture that is more interesting, CAMON X added ability of pictures 30%% of CAMON CX. And to make sure we go and when it has brought TECNO ' FACE ' new form ID (security) is provided enabling healthy user opening the phone through the forehead which is unlike fingerprints (fingerprint) as familiar". And by giving them flexibility to work faster CAMON X contains a broad spectrum of glass containing Earth 6.0 and a ratio of 18:9 ratio user convenience to distribute glass and working two at a time.

Mid-range specs

CAMON X gives the user the freedom to browse and watch videos online anytime without fear of low charge for its capacity of battery is 3750mAh with a 4G network speeds, 16GB ROM + out 3 GB RAM. CAMON with CAMON X pro, which is a twin to the atoning gift implication of some of its properties, especially on the side of the camera, if it is the first phone in the world to have a 24-megapixel front camera while her house is the same as for CAMON CX with 16MP. CAMON X pro is faster, things faster compared to any version CAMON for processor is 2.0 Ghz octa-core and the 64GB ROM + 4GB RAM but this phone is not yet on the market. Keep in mind that I can get wrong on information but I love avoid mistakes. 

If you like high-quality phone, it is more often stumble on headers with phones of bid companies like Samsung and Xiaomi. Innovations for smartphones are not cheap, and most of them are reserved for elite contract phones. However, there is such a thing as a good budget phone, and at one time all the amazing capabilities of the flagship devices will gradually shift into cheaper devices. This should feel you a budget mobile phone. If you want to find a decent model for a relatively small money, our comparisons should help you. Yes, and cheap-does not mean bad. Many people do not need expensive sophisticated devices, and just a tube to make calls. For example, mobile phones are constantly losing/dropping/smashing. And it turns out that in the category of up to PKR 15000 is quite extensive. Of course, you should be aware that this is a small display (if it is at all), primitive toys, a minimal set of media functions, and often even a monochrome screen. But, he also has advantages-in the sunlight black and white display is still clearly visible.

The presence of Multipixel cameras at the mobile means of communication does not guarantee its ability to make decent pictures. In any case, those that are nice to look at the big monitor, not just the display of the smartphone. With the flagships the situation is more transparent-they have the highest level of quality in all relies on status, but among the models of the middle price category to find a decent "photographer" is not easy. Compare the quality, convenience and functionality of the best camera with SLR cameras, certainly not worth it, but the level of pictures they are close to the professional.

This phone does not feature a dual camera, it has just a single 20MP rear camera. And on the front side, it offers you a 16MP sensor.

Good battery and cheap price

For a little range of time, nickel batteries were used everywhere. These batteries were to be discharged to zero. As a result, many remember this rule and use it for batteries of all types. And modern lithium-ion batteries, which do not have "memory", serve only 2 – 3 years in the standard. But you can make them serve as long as possible. We offer you 4 effective ways to prolong the life of batteries of smartphones, laptops, etc. Companies have different tricks to enhance battery life, some are increasing capacity and some are offering fast charging. This phone comes with a 3750mAh battery, this is a non-removable battery. It should easily last more than a day on average use, even when you are using high-speed 4G internet connection.

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