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Sony Xperia Z3 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Xperia Z3 by Sony in Pakistan

Sony is most renowned brand across the world which has been serving its products across the globe from last many decades. The Japanese tech giant has captured the market from the last many years and their continuous efforts are appreciable as well. They are everywhere around us with their LEDS audio, video recorder their DSLR camera, DSLR camera lenses and  for  your kids they have offered a wide range of video games, play station,  and XBOX means they have spread everywhere.unfortunately their experience with mobile phone was not good they came in the market in the year 2001 as Sony Ericson although they offered powerful specs at that time even they did not succeed due to Apple as their mobiles were more equipped. But now back in 2013 company has moved back in the market and they have offered more stylish mobiles, with a powerful processor and an excellent camera specs. Xperia Z3 was offered as a beginner model by the company in 2014 but it is still in demand and company is offering now Sony Xperia  Z3 PLUS and Xperia Z3 plus dual in the market. Lets have a look through the specs of these.

Specs of Xperia Z3 in Pakistan

Xperia Z3 is one of the most powerful mobile offered by the company even at the time of launch with a 5.2 inches display, full HD display and with back metal frame and front powerful scratch resistant glass this mobile has never been out of trend. One of the most stylish and Thin products offered by the company is its Xperia Z3 you will find hardly Xperia Z3 for sale in the market because it has something that no one will ready to disown it. Currently, its tri luminous display with a weight of only 144 g has ranked, this as a most stylish and powerful product in the market which is capable to provide a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. It has a height of 146.3 mm, the width of 71.9 mm and thickness of only 6.9 mm one of the lightest and slimmest phone offered by the company in the market. Xperia Z3 PLUS 2018 has an Octa-core processor with a combination of 3 GB Ram it will let you enjoy a faster and powerful experience than ever before in life. A faster Gaming experience an advanced operating system has made this mobile a demanding device in the market.Xperia Z3 plus was never a cheap mobile as even its first model was IP65 and IP68 certified which means that they are waterproof and dustproof from their first model and these specs are part of Xperia Z3  2018 and this has been a major source for its increased price in Pakistan.

Something extra you will get with Xperia Z3 in Pakistan

Camera is the key feature which everyone notices while to purchase a new mobile an so if you find Xperia Z3 for sale you should never let the opportunity go as this is one of that masterpiece by Sony which are equipped with a 20.7 rear camera and has an Exmor a unique mobile phone camera sensor which  will capture the movements sharply and store them for always as a treasure. Then Sony Xperia z3 2018 mobile has been equipped with an ISO 12800 technology that enables to take every shot with a maximum clarity no matter how much light is where it has the capacity to adjust the light accordingly. The only reported flaw as per the reviews is its front camera that is only 5.1 mp means for obvious when a device has such a powerful camera at the rear you also expect a powerful camera at the front but even then these flaws have not effect on Xperia Z3 2018 sale. Because of it you can capture what even others can not. Along with the photos you can also capture a 2160 shot as well with the steady shot technology as well. The company has equipped its Xperia Z3 with an HI-RES audio so now you can listen to your visuals no matter where are you in a very clear and sharp voice and this fact is authentic as people have reviewed it as well. One most interesting experience which you can only have with Xperia Z3 is its gaming console now you can access it through your smartphone and part of the game no matter in which room you are. Xperia Z3 is available with a built-in memory of 32 GB and is also capable to support micro SD card up to 256 GB so now space is no more an issue.

Final Verdict

Xperia Z3 in Pakistan is one of mostly positively reviewed product with a battery back up of 2930 mAH capable to provide you with the talk time of 17 hours, Music listening up to 91 hours and video playback of 590 mins. And Xperia Z3 is also available to you in stylish colors like White, Black, Copper and Aqua green. Xperia Z3 price in Pakistan is high and is around 51,999 but if you find Xperia X3 for sale you should go for it is one of the products who have resale and not like Xperia XA Ultra.

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