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Sony Xperia X Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Sony Xperia X Price In Pakistan

Sony Xperia X price in Pakistan is PKR 33,999. This is true, a portion of camera market is trying to keep itself on peak (especially point and shoot cameras). With the rise of smartphone cameras, the market of compact cameras have seen a serious damage. And Sony has played a vital role in this game. Sony is one of top camera maker supplying its camera sensors to a big market of smartphones. So many big phone giants are making use of Sony cameras. Not just supplying others, the company also maintained a big camera phone series at its own end known as Sony Xperia. And Xperia X is one of interesting example people can buy grab. This is an elegant smartphone with tons of power and an excellent photo shooter you can use to handle many good things. What do you prefer when buying a new smartphone? You might have multiple reasons to consider and in many cases camera is one point you take care of. And Sony mobiles are best to meet your wishes.

Sony Xperia X Specifications

The Sony Xperia X is an elegant device, as I said above. The design seems to mix of company’s old and new phone designs. It has some changes in design, when compared to its predecessors. It is sleek and stunning. Sony has used a glass on front for giving you a pleasant look and feel. Modular corner on phone is old trick to impress the world. It is bright to make your life beautiful, it has 5-inches standard display. The company has IPS LCD panel with full HD resolution, 1080 x 1920 pixels you can enjoy for a big viewing experience. Since, this is a compact sized phone, you would not feel a rather large view.

The Sony Xperia X has a camera with impressive power to take some interesting shots. Sony has used 23MP (made in company’s own house). It comes Exmor RS sensor that offer 4:3 aspect ratio you can enjoy to have some rather wider shots. The company has used some predictive autofocus function on camera as well. You can tweak the performance depending upon you usage, the more you can explore the application of camera, the more impressive shots you can capture. It has a timeshift mode you can use to record slow motion videos for tracking moments of life slowly. Sony has integrated a f/2.0 aperture on the lens which is helpful to capture clear shots in daylight. It gives you a fast focus for sharp image quality, it is about focused objects photography. You can keep one setting stable for a long time, depending on your choice and needs. This is smooth photographer tool people can buy to have a smooth feeling on daylight.

When you come to video calling some front-sided photography images, you can make use of 13MP (this is impressive) camera. The front-sided 13megapixels camera is equipped with f/2.0 aperture and 22mm focal length. You can capture quite wide photographs with this side. And more than this, you can record full HD 1080p videos around the world with front shooter. How much a phone should run faster? The Xperia X is capable to run apps faster with a hexa-core processor. The phone is packed with a Hexa-core processor, 4x 1.4Ghz cores Cortex-A53 + 2x 1.8Ghz Cortex-A72, for running all your apps smoothly. And in order to support in multitasking, the company has offered 3GB RAM capacity. Picking phone in two options is good, pick with 32GB ROM or 64GB ROM and more you can use up to 256GB of SD card inside that will ditch the second SIM slot on dual SIM model. The Xperia X is powered by a 2620mAh battery which can last for around one day on single charge. You can use some battery saving tricks to get it longer.


  • This is elegant
  • Faster
  • Impressive camera


  • A little expensive
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