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Sony Xperia A Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Sony Xperia A

Sony Xperia A is expected to be a good phone. It could be mid-range or high-end, we are not sure. Since the phone is not released, everything discussed here is based on rumors and expectations. Sony phones are addict of using high-end displays. Get used to the new look of the flagships-now smartphones with stretched on the entire front panel screen and dual rear camera. Exceptions are rare, and now just such a case-stuffed with the latest technology Sony in a standard case. Should I prefer a Japanese flagship with a 4k display models? Do we need a Japanese flagship at all, when Chinese brands-newcomers "ate" all in the Budget class, the IPhone "limp" and is not the same, and Samsung periodically explode? "is needed", says Sony and produces the most stuffed with innovations smartphone. 4k display, fastest processor Snapdragon, stereo speakers, protection, glass-metallic "chrome" body, the fastest rear camera, which is able to shoot slow motion video, as in the film "Matrix", 13 megapixels for selfie-all this In one cell. With such a set is difficult to wish something "from above", and a set of cores-megapixels-density-the image of Sony seems to be ahead of the planet all. But today we will know exactly whether the quantity has been transferred to quality, and whether the Japanese flagship is so cool in comparison with the "most-most" smartphones of competitors.

Design and Management

It should be better than Xperia XZ1 and Xperia XZ Premium, let us discuss the Xperia XZ Premium. The first mobile in a long time, on which admire even passers-by in the street, and not only neighbors on a bus. Not because my Xperia scatters in all sides of the "sun Bunnies", and not even because they see themselves in a glass reflection-just in our region love Chrome. Chrome screws, taps, kettles, big black jeeps, and small flagship smartphones, as it turned out, too. However, "small" is I excited, because before us the most cumbersome flagship with a diagonal of 5.5 inches. Larger than Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6. The flagship of Sony is almost the same size as the IPhone 7 Plus, but on the basis of Android with such dimensions for a couple of years released models with 5.7 inches of display. And the XZ Premium is only 3 millimeters lower than the 6.2-inch Samsung Galaxy S8 +... And the weight is equal to the 6-inch "shovels". And in general, to look at indentations thick with a thumb from the top and bottom faces to a display, and to feel, that the smartphone with a small screen manages to bulge a pocket of jeans, bitterly. And slippery side faces too aggrieved-to take a smartphone from the table as uncomfortable as a melted hunk of butter.

A single key for the camera. Fast start of the camera today "hang" on any key of the case, but the ability to keep the mobile phone as a camera-and the old tradition of images Sony, and a slightly more convenient way to shoot photos and videos in auto mode. Ability to change SIM-cards and memory cards without a paper clip. Side faces are thick enough, so the SIM and MicroSD trays can be nailed. Not that it was an urgent need, but nice. The cap is fixed firmly, although the stated level of IP68 we have not tested in practice. Really feels like a glass (not a plastic "semi-finished", as in the case of LG G6), and it is not as slippery as it seems with the mind. If you take XZ Premium, only silver, smartphone-"chameleon". It is better than all other versions plays with colors under the rays of the sun and changes color to become interior. From it besides it is convenient to make selfie on a rear camera (a hardware key + a mirror case)-at night allows to do not on-phone qualitative self-portraits. But without a regular rubbing about the fabric the smartphone will be dirty always. Dirty as the windshield of the Moscow bus! And, although in 2017 all flagships have become glossy, the top model of Sony dirty quickly even on their background.

We like gorgeous designs

On their background Xperia XZ Premium or "touches" at once, or not. If yes-you grab it and buy, "because beauty" or because you want to watch movies with cool sound and pictures in 4k, and PowerBank will find. And you're ready to take the photo slower than that guy with Samsung, but to shoot a better shot, because you memorize the settings for such a scene. Therefore, buy XZ Premium either skillful and courageous geeks, or guys who "all proved" and will be happy. Anyway, XZ Premium-the most technological smartphone, which still does not look like "soap" with a stretched on the forehead display.

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