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Samsung Galaxy X Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung Galaxy X could arrive in next year, along with Galaxy S10. This is a good time, the exact release of the message. Nothing is official yet, so keep in mind everything discussed here is based on rumors. Samsung has asked supply chain companies to provide equipment parts for them by November this year, and the phone's code name has been changed from valley to winner, experts say the project has basically completed the development settlement and is nearing the release stage. As for Samsung's new Galaxy S10, which will be launched next year, foreign media say the machine will appear in next January, the CES 2019 Electronics Show next year. From the current exposure to the news, Samsung S10 appearance is likely to still use and S9 similar style, but also Samsung more classic full view surface screen design.

What about size?

However, after several generations of the appearance has not changed, but also let netizens gradually produced aesthetic fatigue, for Samsung to maintain the same design netizens are also spat constantly if S10 will adopt a new design may bring new surprises to users. It is reported that S10 and s10+ will use the 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch infinity Display screen (the Galaxy S9 has this technology), will carry a screen fingerprint identification and similar to the iPhone X face recognition function. Samsung is currently working with Qualcomm, US and Taiwan to discuss the implementation of the screen fingerprint. Galaxy X, Samsung foldable phones, it seems that has been developed for many years. During this period, numerous media reports have speculated about the problem with the mobile phones, such as whether the size of a smartphone or a tablet is equivalent to the attractiveness of a mobile phone user who has become accustomed to a straight phone. But there is a bigger mystery around Samsung's foldable handsets: when does it go on sale?

Although there have been repeated media reports that Galaxy X will soon be listed for sale, it will fail each time. This may change. Samsung confirmed in September this year that it did plan to release a foldable smartphone for the Galaxy Note brand in 2018. The design of the Galaxy x has been "changed" over the past few years and the media has reported conflicting messages about its appearance and operations. As early as 2014, a Samsung phones executive said the company was considering developing a flexible smartphone that could be folded in half. At the time, the Samsung executive said the foldable handsets would be available for sale in 2015. The design concept was confirmed in 2016 when a Samsung patent revealed that foldable handsets could be folded like the previous flip-phones. The patent describes the handset, which has a hinge in the middle, allowing the user to hold the phone in one direction. The phone has a camera on its back. Another patent, soon to be discovered, describes a wave-shaped smartphone. Although it can also be folded, it seems to be more flexible than other versions of the foldable phone. But these are not all media reports on Samsung's foldable handsets over the past few years. Rumor says Samsung's foldable handsets will resemble the Galaxy S8, but longer. Another rumor is that Samsung's foldable handsets are thinner than most because if it is thicker, it is difficult to fold it into the pants pocket. There are more rumors about Samsung's folding phone design. One media report says Samsung's foldable handsets use a double-sided screen-helping to provide an effective display area far more than other designs. But where do you put your finger when you're holding a phone and don't want to use it?

It is coming, finally

This is another unsolved mystery. In addition to the rumors above, the Galaxy X will be designed with no border, at least on the front of the fuselage, with nothing but the screen. Given that Samsung's foldable handsets will belong to the Galaxy Note series, it is reasonable to speculate that it will have an S pen stylus-similar to Galaxy Note 8. Display size earlier this year, the Samsung foldable smartphone display has a size of 5 or 6 inches. However, with the help of a mechanical device in the mobile phone, the actual screen size of the mobile phone can be increased to 8 inches when fully expanded. It is worth noting that we are not yet sure whether the Samsung foldable smartphone has one or two screens. If it uses a hinge, the possibility of configuring two screens is considerable. In addition, we have not heard of information about the quality of the camera, and no one has confirmed whether the Samsung foldable phones are equipped with fingerprint sensors, iris scanners and face recognition features-the current Samsung flagship models support these biometric features.

If the report is true, Galaxy Note 9 will be the first Samsung smartphone to use screen fingerprinting technology, and it is reasonable to speculate that the screen fingerprint technology will also be applied to Galaxy X. It will cost a lot.

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