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Samsung Galaxy S8 Lite Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Samsung Galaxy S Light Luxury (S8 Lite)

Samsung has managed to impress the market with many tricks. Samsung Galaxy S Light Luxury is a beautiful smartphone (also known as Galaxy S8 Lite) with many good features. It comes with powerful 4GB + 64GB ROM combination that should run apps very fast. Galaxy S Light Luxury as we already know, the Samsung Galaxy S series, released every spring, has been the absolute flagship of Samsung mobile phones and also attracted a lot of Samsung fans love. The problem is that the Galaxy S series has been positioned at the high-end, and for many consumers who are also eager to experience the Galaxy S flagship feel, there are some scruples. Right now Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are good to use in 2018. The Galaxy S Lightweight edition hopes to meet the needs of this segment of the consumer. The so-called positioning, in the product and competitive products in-depth analysis of consumer demand for accurate judgments on the basis of the determination of the unique advantages of products and associated with this in the hearts of consumers, and communicate them to the target consumer's dynamic process. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. By introducing targeted Galaxy S lightweight versions Samsung is trying to complete the "positioning" process in the minds of Chinese consumers, and this time the "light luxury" is at the heart of the positioning.

Speaking of light luxury, with the rising young consumer groups are inseparable. We see that, with the rise of the network generation, they are becoming the good-stream people in the consumer market. Because they are generally well educated, also good at using the Internet to learn knowledge, so that their attitude to consumption has changed: they are no longer satisfied with their brothers and sisters are keen on luxury goods, and not like their parents just covet cheap quality but not what kind of products, they advocate a rational, attention to detail, has the individuality, does not drift the product to adjust, also is willing to pay for this, this is the concept of the light luxury.

In order to cater to this new rising consumer demand, Samsung, the Galaxy S light luxury version, is from many aspects of the product, to create a light luxury experience. So, what is the light luxury? The light extravagance mainly manifests in the following many aspects, Galaxy S lightweight version unveiled the Mystery Night Black and burgundy red two versions. And it looks very beautiful. Fashion style of the red and black two colors, not only embodies the design of the simple and elegant temperament but also allows users to experience exquisite daily life or to devote to an enthusiastic afternoon party, can easily highlight the unique taste.

Very powerful

Samsung has a Super AMOLED screen with FHD+ resolution and superior color performance. The front and rear hyperboloid glass are seamlessly connected through the metal frame, interpreting the aesthetics of the Samsung design, which uses a rear-mounted single camera design and provides users with a previously acclaimed burgundy color. Samsung Galaxy S light luxury version of the main AI photography, after the 16MP camera, using F1.7 large aperture, support AI intelligent beauty, intelligent stereo field and background real-time virtualization, Octa-Core processor, the SOC by eight nuclear kryo 260 64-bit CPU and Adreno 512 GPU components. Samsung S Series light luxury version with 4GB storage, as well as 3000mAh capacity of the battery, built-in Samsung artificial intelligence Bixby.

Apple introduced iPhone X in the previous year with stunning design and Samsung is competing with it beautifully. Samsung Galaxy S lightweight version is not to catch up with this trend, but the heritage of Samsung's consistent full view surface screen design, carrying a 5.8-inch (right angle)/5.6-inch with 2220 x 1080 pixels display, this is Super AMOLED display, the screen accounted for more than 83%. Personalized Galaxy S light luxury version of the front and rear camera are equipped with F1.7 large aperture, 8MP front camera, with autofocus and intelligent face recognition technology, in the filming process can be aimed at different subjects for intelligent beauty analysis, at the same time according to different shooting environment for automatic lighting and background real-time virtual, to help users capture the most exquisite moment of self-portraits.

Attractive Design

The Intelligent beauty algorithm is designed beautifully. It is easy to use, the release of the Galaxy S light Luxury version also carries the Samsung artificial intelligence platform Bixby. Samsung Bixby includes voice, vision, homepage, reminder four functions, bringing to users different from the previous artificial intelligence multimode interactive experience. Bixby can achieve extensive application function coverage, not only support phone, photo albums, and other native applications, but also support a number of third-party applications. Many phones have been playing with many tricks. At the same time, Bixby has situational awareness, can understand the current use of the environment and application status, at any time to wake up to accurately perform the next step of the operation; In addition, Bixby also has a strong ability to learn, can continue to learn the user's habits, with interactive learning mechanism, through the open user interface. With the help of the Group intelligence iterative enhancement, lets the user experience be more relaxed freely.

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