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Samsung Galaxy S7 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Samsung Galaxy S7 in Pakistan

Samsung Korean tech giant has spread across the world like a virus everywhere and almost in every country they are sending their products.It has a long background of struggle behind but if we just have a look at the current scenarios we will realize their effort has suffered fruit and today they stand as worlds second largest mobile phone manufacturer company across the world.Having a look at their career in mobile phone industry we will realize that they started their effort around in 2008 an launched their S series which is from the beginning of the day was considered as as relatively high priced series but they have been adding models to the series and thus it has met with the success over the time after the success of its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge the company decide to  redefine a more powerful models to amaze their customers and thus they offered its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge in the market . One thing we would like to mention here that we love not to mistake but to err is human so minor changes in specs can be there depending on model offered for Pakistan.

Specs of Galaxy S7 in Pakistan

Galaxy S7 phone and S7 edge were launched in March 2016 and now they are available in Pakistan as well. Let's start with the screen of Galaxy S7 Phone so it has a 5.1 inches display with Quad HD and 577 pixels per inches while Galaxy S7 edge has a wider display Quad HD with 534 pixels per inches. Having a look at the design you can notice the perfection of the company while making sharp curves. Company has kept in consideration that people spend a lot of time with their phones s they have spent long times on curves of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge by using a process called thermoforming, and they have melded 3D glass to give such a precision  that it should it sit perfectly in the curved metal alloy to create seamless body.

After discussing the design lets have a look at hardware specs of Galaxy S7 Model and S7 edge they have been formed with the powerful combination of a faster CPU, custom GPU and 4 GB Ram now launching of apps have become much easier and streaming has become so quickly. The company has offered a Sim card tray that can be used for multiple purposes like if you want to insert two Sims you can or you can use one Sim for SD card. Both models Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge 2018 is available with the built-in memory of 32 and 64 and the colors in which you can have them are Black, White, Gold, Silver, and pink gold color.

A resistible stylish device in its category

 Galaxy S7 and S7 edge prices in Pakistan are slightly high so when you are spending so much on a device you are deep inside worried about the security of device and Samsung owns your concern and that's why they have  Featured their Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge 2018 with IP68 certification so now you mobile is water and dust resistant you can keep on using your mobile even after it being wet or even if you are in s dusty area everywhere Samsung has made it secure. Company has powered Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge with a powerful battery that can provide you with the talk time of 15 hours in case of S7 and for your S7 edge it can provide for 18 hours and the first one gets charge back in 90 mins while the other one takes 100 mins to get charged back and along with this feature they also support wireless charging and have removed the concept of wire hanged in the neck.

The camera plays a vital role when it comes to the purchase of a smartphone so the company has equipped its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge 2018 with a dual 12 MP rear and 5 mp front camera. The camera features low light photography with its f/1.7 lens because most of our special movements are there when there is no or low light so no low light is a story of old days. Then with the latest OIS technology, shaky hands are no more problematic as the camera itself handles these issues and with its autofocus, each and every picture is clear and sharper now every movement is special to capture and awesome with the Galaxy S7 cameras. And with your S7 and S7 edge now you can shoot 4k videos as well.

Final Verdict

Galaxy S7 Edge price in Pakistan is around 68,000 and that of Galaxy S7 price in Pakistan is around 60,000 both are high-end mobiles with the positive reviews from the market. Galaxy S7 Edge reviews are more especially because of its sharp edges and a bezel-less end to end screen. So if you are also looking for a High end and stylish phone Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 might fit in your eye.

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