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Samsung Galaxy S5 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Samsung Galaxy S5 in Pakistan

Success is something that never lets you stop and those who stop they are out of market Samsung is well aware of this rule thats why they have been on a continuous journey on which with every coming day they have something more and new innovations.After the success of Samsung Galaxy S4  It was time for the company moves towards a new product to amaze their customers so in the year 2014 company decided to offer its Samsung S5 in the market more equipped and powerful than its successor. Although in the same year company also started its A series and offered their A3 in the market they were relatively mid price range mobiles. Now what Samsung did they played with the technology and they offered their Samsung S5 as Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy S5 mini in the market with the difference in the specifications but they offered choices for the people so that one can go for what he or she actually wants from his smartphone. There was a major difference in their price as well and we will have a look through the specs of them so that you can own the one which suits you.

Specs of Galaxy S5 in Pakistan

Samsung offered its Galaxy S5 with a 5.1 inches wide display while the other model of Galaxy S5 which is Samsung S5 mini has a smaller display of 4.5 inches means one screen has the display greater than the S4 while the other one has a smaller display then S4 both are super AMOLED screen with the support of multi-touch screen and can give a support to 16 million colors as well. Both support full HD display and has the powerful resolution of 1920*1080 so that you can enjoy an immersive display. Both mobile phones support Nano sim and can let you enjoy crisp of life with the bright and immersive colors.

The major difference which you will observe in Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy s5 mini is in their processor the one used for Galaxy S5 has a Quad-core processor with the speed of 2.5 GHz while the other one has a quad-core processor but its speed is comparatively low and has 1.4 GHz cortex a.The processor alone cannot do anything instead it needs some support from Ram to work faster so here S5 mini has 1.5 GB ram while Samsung Galaxy S5 has 2 GB ram and these specs will surely let you enjoy a better and faster gaming and streaming experience the one you had in the past. The similarity which you can find in both models of Galaxy S5 is their operating system both mobiles has Kit Kat 4.2 operating system both have even different dimensions  for galaxy s5 mini you have length 131.1 by 64.8 by 9.1 with the weight of 120 g while Galaxy S5 has 142 by 72.5 by 8.1mm and 145 g it means that it is slightly heavy in weight than the other model so up to you what you like.

Galaxy S5 a powerful device

Galaxy S5 is a powerful device for many reasons including its powerful camera as whenever it comes to the purchase of smartphone people in Pakistan first check the camera specs so here you go with the Galaxy S5 has 16 MP rear camera rear and the front camera is 2 Mp both have CMOS technology and through your Samsung Galaxy S5 you can have a dual video call and now you can see also how you are looking. Camera specs are different in both mobiles as Galaxy S5 mini has a rear camera of 8 megapixel and a front camera of 2.0 megapixel. With your Samsung Galaxy S5, you will feel like every movement is for to capture their HD display will enhance the quality of your pictures and video and they will look more colorful then actually they were.

The battery is the key feature so Samsung S5 has the ultra power saving mode which can let your battery go on for a long time even if it is not charged properly. Galaxy S5 has a 2800 mAH battery and can give a talk time of almost 11 hours  while the other one Galaxy S5 mini has 2100 mAH battery which can give you a talk time of 8 hours both have same color range as well S5 mini is available for Charcoal Black, Shimmery White, Electric Blue and copper gold. while Galaxy S5 mini is available for a built-in memory of 16 GB built-in memory and supports a micro SD card up to 64 GB.While the other one has 16 or 32 GB built-in memory and can support up to 128 GB. Both mobiles are equipped with fingerprint sensor so your device is completely private and yours as well.

Final Verdict

The price of Galaxy S5 mini at the time of launch was 43,000 but now it has reduced and Galaxy S5 mini was less at the time of launch you can get them now at comparatively low prices so if you are planning to own it then dont think much these are the devices with maximum positive reviews from the market.

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