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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Samsung Galaxy S4 in Pakistan

Samsung the Korean tech giant has grabbed the market with their wide range of mobile phones each product is stylish and worthy even after the span of time. So, here we will also discuss one of their most selling and revolutionary product of time. That is their S4phone .S4 Galaxy in Pakistan was entered in the year 2014 and it was warmly welcomed by all those people who were a fan of innovation. The mobile phone is hardly you can find for resale int Pakistan because all those who have purchased it they are happy with it and dont want to change it even though a lot of new models of Samsung are in the market like now they have offered their Samsung

S8 in the market. At the time of its launch company offered its Samsung S4 on a comparatively high price of 30,000 but now you can find this mobile phone for relatively low price in the market. So basically S4 is an opportunity for all those who want to buy an equipped phone and do not want to pay as much because Galaxy S4 Price in Pakistan has relatively reduced.

Specs of Galaxy S4 in Pakistan

The company offered its incredibly wide FULL HD Super AMOLED screen that fits perfectly in narrow bezels now more to see and less to hold in your hand. Samsung S4 is offered encased in a polycarbonate body and along with that, it has a wide display of 5.0 inches with 441 pixels per inches to provide you a quality HD viewing technology. The company has protected the screen with its durable corning glass 3 technology so that it can become your travel partner in difficult consequences. Samsung S4 has the capacity to support Infra, 2g, 3g and even your 4g network and it can provide you with all the basic specs you can expect.

Galaxy S4 Phone has a quad-core processor with the CPU speed of 1.9 GHz which specify that now your every work will be much faster and quicker than ever in the past along within company has equipped it with an advanced operating system of Jellybeans 4.0 that is further upgradable to lollipop 5.0. Talking about Samsung Galaxy S4 dimensions we will come to know that it has a length of 136.6, width of 69.8 mm and thickness of 7.9 mm and the only weight which it occupies is 130 g so in short Galaxy S4 is a lightweight device to hold in your hand and carry in your pocket as well even if you have to carry it for a long time. The company has offered it Samsung S4 with White Frost and Mate Blackout of which generally people liked the white frost color. Galaxy S4 can support Nano SIM and along with that, it can also support memory card as well so no worries about the issue as the built-in space by the company in the device is only 16 GB.

Something more you can get with your Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 is much more than a simple mobile phone as with the help of an app installed in you can use it just like your tv remote. Then for the first time company equipped its Galaxy S4 with a rear camera of13 MP and a front camera of 2 megapixel and interesting feature which Samsung S4 offers you is the dual shot feature where you can capture your special movement with the rear camera and your front camera will simultaneously add on your picture on the side and thus you will be part of your special moment. And for merging these two pics you have a wide variety of option from where you can choose the style you like. Then another prominent camera feature is that you can capture many shots simultaneously that will easily depict the story easily instead of narrating it orally.

Samsung S4 has a powerful air gesture through you just need to move your hand over the picture and in the meanwhile, it will change the screen without actually touching. It's all fun to use your Samsung S4. Then you can share what is on your screen with one of your friends and enjoy an intimate level of enjoyment. One more powerful feature you will have your Samsung S4 is an automatic start and pause when you are moving your face away from the device it suddenly stops so that you may not miss any movement. It has the unique S health feature that tracks out your intake and suggests you the exercise and proper place and time t do it. The smart optimized display adjusts the light according to the demand of scenario.

Final Verdict

If you are looking a cheap price mobile but want to own a classy handset then you should go for Galaxy S4 Phone as it has all the specs which any high-end mobile can give you like all connectives, stylish look, 5.0 inches wide display, 13 mp camera and infinite exciting feature and except for fingerprint sensor all other sensors is part of Galaxy s4.

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