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Samsung Galaxy J8 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Samsung Galaxy J8

Samsung Galaxy J8 is a beautiful mid-range smartphone targeted to various mid-range markets of the world. Buying a good phone is not very easy when we walk in mid-range smartphones. There are tons of options you need to pick from. The large phones are (as far as we observe) are very popular in these days and people focus on size a lot. Companies first started increasing the size of phones. Now when the size has become enough to get uncomfortable in hands, they have put the focus on display only. They are now not increasing the size, they are trying to increase the size of display only instead increasing size of the body. Increasing display’s size is good as it gives an immersive viewing experience. People have appreciated this trick a lot. Samsung phones have played a vital role in this mission. Firstly, we saw company focusing on the display panel for this kind of viewing on flagships and now the company is bringing it to mid-range devices. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. The company has introduced the Galaxy J8 with such a good display. The company is calling it infinity display that can bring you a good viewing experience.

The large display is good

This is a good trick, it increases around fifteen percent size of the display and results in good aspect ratio. The overall size is same but the size of the display is increased. The size of the display, the more ratio of the display appears in many cases. More, the company has reduced the size of bezel/edge, the company has, in the result, provided phones with very minimal bezels. Company swapped the physical home button on software powered in-display home button for a better use. Now you do not have a physical button and even physical fingerprint sensor is moved, it is moved to the rear side of the smartphone.

Along with this, the company has already introduced Galaxy A6 and A6 + The Galaxy J6 and J8 is another thing. The junior, Galaxy J6, which should appear in other markets, it is based on SoC Exynos 7 Series, but we already know that it will be Exynos 7870. The display of Super AMOLED diagonal 5.6 inches is characterized by a resolution of 1480 x 720 pixels. RAM and Flash memory 3 and 32 GB or 4 and 64 GB. Of course, there is also a slot for MicroSD cards, and separate from the two slots for SIM cards. The smartphone received a camera resolution of 13 and 8 MP with Aperture F/1.9 for both. In addition, each has its own flash. The capacity of the battery-3000 ma · h. Dimensions of novelty are equal to 149.3? 70.2 x 8.2 mm Mass of 154gram. Black and gold versions are available.

The Galaxy J8 has a 6-inches display, infinity display, although the resolution is the same. The heart serves already Octa-Core processor, and the operational and flash memory in the given model is provided 4 and 64 GB accordingly. The battery capacity increased to 3500mAh. Also improved the camera. The main here is dual with sensors with a resolution of 16 and 5 MP (Aperture-f/1.7 and F/1.9), and front-16-megapixel with aperture F/1.9.

Trendy functions

The rise of dual cameras is good, it gives you more abilities to focus on capture beautifully around the world. The company has already started using dual cameras on flagships and we are happy to see this coming on very affordable smartphones. The market of camera phones has almost ditched the market of point-and-shoot cameras which was very popular in past. Now phones are available with great cameras that can shoot similar to professional point and shoot compact cameras. This is good, in past, use of smartphones was very limited. But now it has become vital and they are capable to handle a wide range of things that support us in our daily life. Cameras on phones can capture in different types for different types of photography.

Samsung Galaxy J8 is a decent smartphone covering trendy features around the market of smartphones. What should it offer? It has infinity display that flagships like to offer, it has dual cameras that so many popular mid-range phones have and it has fingerprint sensing too. We are happy to see Samsung is bringing these good features to mid-range market. The company is offering what is very trendy in the market. It can compete with many brands like Xiaomi.

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