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Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Galaxy J5 Pro in Pakistan

Samsung is the giant of mobile phone industry with the struggle of decades has now finally achieved the award of largest selling mobile phone company in the year 2017. People at Samsung are always striving to amaze you with the introduction of their new technology they are comforting the life with more luxuries and reducing their efforts. Samsung after the success of their note and S series in Pakistan has now offered their J and A series these two series further has a wide range of variety in them. The mobiles offered in J series are comparatively low priced as compared to those offered in A series.J series was introduced for the first time in the year 2015 and the very first product offered by the company in J series was a J1 Galaxy mobile which was further updated in a span of only nine months to Galaxy J1 Ace and in the following year it was offered as Galaxy J1 mini prime in Pakistan. At the end of 2016, the Samsung electronics offered their further two models named as J2 and J3 which were further updated and were offered as j2 PRO and J3 Pro. Samsung keep on adding variety in their Galaxy J series and offered their Galaxy J5 with n improved camera and more specs and the model was further updated and relaunched as Galaxy J5 Pro in the year 2017.

Background and overview of Samsung

If we just talk about Samsung group we will see it is difficult to describe and limit the bound of their businesses as they are a part of almost every major segment with the sixth largest revenue generating brand esteem in the world. Samsung originated from South Korea and has now expanded across the world with a number of auxiliaries and partnered businesses. Samsung was started in 1938 but they have met with the true success in Pakistan from last three decades and now they are everywhere Samsung  has offered a variety for everyone even for a simple housewife Samsung has offered a number of electronics that has made her life luxurious products like automatic washing machine, dryer ,Blenders, vacuum cleaner and those who are fond of quality picture display Samsung has offered their LED tv which is now further advanced to curved LEDS that will let you feel actually the things are going around you. A large number of variables in laptops and notebooks has comforted the lives of professional and engineer. Even for your youngers, they have offered a range of tablets that help to surf them the world for your home and office security they are offering a complete range of security cameras. With every single day, they try to comfort you. Last important note that we through our website try to find as accurate information as we can but some time minor changes an be there depending on the model offered by the company for this zone.

Specs and Features of Samsung J5 Pro in Pakistan

Samsung introduced their new Galaxy J5 pro in Pakistan on April 2017. Galaxy J5 Pro 2018 has a larger display of 5.2 inches as compared to Galaxy J5 that has a 5.0-inch display but both have AMOLED display and captive screen with a support of 16 million colours. Samsung has increased the size of Ram in their Galaxy J5 to 3 GB and it can also support an SD card of 256 GB. Galaxy J5 has been powered by a strong processor of EXYNOS 7870 Octa core, 1.6 GHz Cortex A-53 processor which will enhance its capacity to work fast. Samsung has also done major changes in operating system and has used Android  Nougat 7.0 in their Galaxy J5 Pro 2018. Galaxy J5 pro 2018 is available with 16 and 32 Gb both variants built-in memory and supports dual sim. Samsung company is offering Black, Gold, Pink and blue colour in their Galaxy J5 Pro. When it comes to smartphone people are keen t know about the camera so as compare to its previous model Galaxy J5 company is offering front and rear both cameras of 13 MP which means that along with capturing your special moments now you can have nice clicks of yours as well. Talking about the other features of Galaxy J5 pro-2018 we will see that it has face detection, auto focus, LED light proximity, GPS for navigation and of course the fingerprint sensor as well. Galaxy J5 PRO has a weight of only 160 g and it has a larger battery of 3000 mAH which can provide a talk time of 21 hours. You wont believe that this fully equipped mobile phone Galaxy J5 Pro 2018 in Pakistan is available to you for a price of only 29,999 RS.which s very competitive as compared to the features offered in the mobile.

Final Verdict

Samsung has appeared a tough rival to other companies like Nokia and HTC because of its Galaxy J5 Pro that is equipped with all latest feature and even then has a very competitive price in Pakistan. If you are also thinking to own a Galaxy J5 Pro 2018 then dont wait for rush for it you will not repent on your decision after using Galaxy J5 Pro.

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