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Samsung Galaxy J4 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Samsung Galaxy J4

Samsung Galaxy J4 price will not very high. The phone is not official yet, so everything discussed here is based on rumors, leaks, expectations, etc. Insiders have discovered that the Korean giant plans to replenish its line of inexpensive smartphones by Samsung Galaxy J4 with the model number SM-j400f. Feature of the novelty is the presence, while usually, Samsung do not have much time for progress. According to the leak in the popular benchmark GeekBench 4, the Galaxy J4 is based on the 14 nanometer platform Exynos 7570. The latter includes four computational cores arm Cortex-A53 with a clock frequency of 1.4 GHz, arm Mali-T720, and a modem with 4g LTE network support Cat. 4 with two-lane aggregation (2CA). In addition to the actual Galaxy J4 Koreans plan to use Exynos 7570 for other budget smartphones. In general, the performance of this chip is at the level of budget decisions from Samsung competitors: in single-core mode, it gains 623 points, in Multicore-1815. A little is known about the other characteristics of the future novelty. Thus, the device screen will have a resolution of 720 × 1280 (HD Ready) and classic (that is not "especially frameless") design. Diagonal is not known, however, it is likely it will be about 5 inches.

Performance and speed

In GeekBench there is 2 Gb of RAM LPDDR3, but the volume of the built-in flash drive is not called. Most likely, it will be equal to 16 Gb with the possibility of expansion by installing a memory card. Usually smartphones of the Galaxy J line are equipped with a dedicated MicroSD slot, but the way the manufacturer does it is not known. Experts say about the possible availability of 13-megapixel main and 8-megapixel front cameras (based on the characteristics of the chipset Exynos 7570), FM Radio, the ability to install two SIM-cards (not for all countries), support fast charging. The release date is still a mystery, however, the network editions are inclined in favor of the version that the South Korean corporation is planning to announce novelties for the spring of 2018.

The best smartphones of the middle class, the average price of the sold device is about PKR 30,000 in 2018. However, it is said to be the "average hospital temperature". Really the most popular are cheap Chinese smartphones for 2-4 thousand and middle class devices. In summary they give such a figure. The devices for more expensive we have not paid attention for a long while. These devices have a good ratio of price, quality and power, are sold in many stores and remain relevant. As the exchange rate fluctuates constantly, we do not give exact prices, you can see them by the links in the subheadings. In the same place it is possible to familiarize with detailed technical characteristics of devices. Given that some Chinese gadgets can offer impressive specs at a reasonable price.

What to pick?

Despite the fact that most of the sales of smartphones in the world falls on the model of the budget and the average price segment, the main attention is usually attracts the output of the so-called flagships-the best and most expensive smartphones in a range of different manufacturers. The flagships are interesting in that they are first of all implemented technical innovations, which then migrate into cheaper devices. The price of flagships from leading world brands at the start of sales can exceed one thousand dollars. Those who are not able to pay such money, but want to get a flagship smartphone, can either wait for a reduction of the price after a few months or buy last year's flagship, the price of which usually falls after entering the market changer. The top ten manufacturers also include Chinese brands Oppo phones, Vivo phone, TCL and Lenovo, but the products of the first three in are not represented, and as for Lenovo, this company is concentrated in recent years on the budget segment, and the flagship model releases. Buying a new mid-range phone is not easy, there are many popular brands in the market. The more you explore, the more you get. Circulating here and there do enhance your experience a lot.

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