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Samsung Galaxy A9 Star Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Samsung Galaxy A9 Star

The Samsung Galaxy A9 Star is a mid-range smartphone with Samsung’s trendy features like Infinity Display, dual camera, and long battery life. The new smartphone has a dual camera setup containing 24 and 16 MP sensors, the rechargeable battery received a power of 3700 mah. The new gadget is unframed. The first country to receive a new smartphone is possibly China. Later, Pakistan will follow its release hopefully. Samsung Galaxy A9 Star resembles the Galaxy S9, the difference is on the back cover, it is made of glass.

Samsung continues to receive a lot of criticism about the design of its recent mobile devices, particularly because of their overly similar design to those of Apple devices. However, with the announcement of new devices from Samsung, this trend continues to change, thus becoming gradually only a symbol of the previous hostility between Apple and Samsung-especially given the recent preliminary information about the potentially Galaxy A9 and its augmented prototype Galaxy A9 Star. This information was provided by the online edition of Weibo, which indicates that the design of subsequent models is increasingly independent. Apparently, recent lawsuits between Apple and Samsung have further enhanced the understanding of the latter company that it is necessary to go for a specific and specific redesign of their models. As for the subsequent model of Galaxy A9-so, at least it is called-then it is reported that the South Korean company chose to return to its roots and adhere to the traditional for it unframed with the old style of the company. In particular, it is noticeable, according to the publication, on preliminary concept art, showing the design of the rear side of the model case. The dual camera module is now completely different from the vertical type of Apple. It is also worth noting that the vertical placement of Apple has been copied by not only one Samsung, but many other third-party companies-developers. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes.

Powerful Specifications

It is quite possible that the new Galaxy A9 and Galaxy A9 Star price, these models will be a new step in determining the new style of their devices. It is possible that Samsung will also decide to significantly change the design of key elements on the chassis, as it was with the seventh line of the Galaxy series in 2016. It remains only to wait for the official statement from the company about its further actions. There are two devices in this series with similar names, the Galaxy A9 star and Galaxy A9 star Lite. The devices are endowed with a display of Super AMOLED FHD + size respectively 6.28 and 6.0 inches diagonally. The resolution in both cases is 2220 × 1080 points.

Model Galaxy A9 Star carries on board Octa-Core processor. In the rear part of the case is a dual camera based on sensors with 24 and 16 million pixels. For food meets the battery capacity of 3700 mAH. Dimensions make 162.4 × 77.0 × 7.55 mm, weight-188 grams. The less expensive version of the Galaxy A9 Star Lite received the Quad-Core chip with a graphics accelerator. The rear has a dual camera that combines sensors with 16 and 5 million pixels. The battery capacity is 3500 mAh. The device weighs 191 grams, having dimensions 160.2 × 75.7 × 7.9 mm. Both smartphones carry 4 GB of RAM on board and a flash module with a capacity of 64 GB with the possibility of expansion with the MicroSD card. The front camera is based on a 24-megapixel sensor. There is a fingerprint scanner, it is allowed to install two SIM-cards.

Modern Design

Modern flagships offer large displays, and you can easily buy a mini smartphone as well. In past, smartphones were pleased with their minimalism. They had a comfortable keyboard, a small screen and, all. Modern devices crammed all sorts of sensors, processors and intense battery. Also, manufacturers strive to ensure that the user can comfortably handle contents, increasing the display size. Now phones with a small screen, just a few companies work on it. Such devices are considered not to be in a noticeable demand. Manufacturers assume that smartphones are now used to watch videos and movies. And for the solution of such problems, it is better to use some phablet with a 5.5-inch screen. But in fact, many people do not really look at their smartphone video-for this purpose they have other devices. Such people prefer to buy compact devices.

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