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Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Galaxy A9 Pro by Samsung in Pakistan

Galaxy A9 Pro by the Samsung is a new addition to the lush a series by the company. One of the most highly equipped series by the company that has powerful hardware, stylish looks, advanced operating system and comparative advanced operating system. Samsung has the habit to play with technology their every model is more equipped and powerful than the previous one and this is their marketing strategy it's not the old day story when the company offered its Galaxy A9 in the market and they have just stepped forward with a new model Galaxy A9 Pro in the market. The company has not stopped progressing here instead they have offered Galaxy A9 Star as well in the market. So they are making the choice difficult for you that for which one you should go all of them are lush phones with high specs and you will find it hard to make a final decision that which will be the final option to chose. Anyhow, let's have a look at the Galaxy A9 Pro in the market and general reviews about it.

Specs of Galaxy A9 Pro in Pakistan

Here you have an excellent effort by Samsung their all-new Galaxy A9 Pro a stylish handphone with a display of 6.0 inched super AMOLED screen, supportive for the multi-touch screen as well. With the Full HD display and a screen that is almost, bezel-less Samsung A9 Pro provides you with a bold impression. A device designed with the perfect combination of glass and metal that enhance even the beauty of hand in which it is. And it is not only about style it is actually a combination of beauty and power with the resolution of the screen of 1080 by 1920 which will enhance the look of mobile many times than whether it comes to gaming or movie time everything is wider.

Hardware plays the key role when it comes to the functionality of a mobile so Galaxy A9 PRO has faster Octa core,64 bit processor these specs are same as offered in Galaxy A9 but company has enhanced the Ram from 3GB to 4 GB so now your device will run faster for an excellent performance and company has used and advance operating system Android 7.0 which is further upgradable. The company has offered its Galaxy A9 Pro with a net weight of 210 g which means that it is slightly heavy then Galaxy A9 that weight 200 g other dimensions involve the height of a 161.7mm, width of 80.9mm and thickness of 7.9 mm. It is capable to support dual Sim and is available to you with the attractive colors like White, Black, and gold. Galaxy A9 Pro is a powerful as a useful device as per reviews.

Galaxy A9 Pro has something extra and worthy

The major difference between Galaxy A9 and Galaxy A9 Pro is in their camera specs that instead of Galaxy A9 Pro has more powerful camera instead of 13 MP rear camera company has equipped it with a 16 MP rear camera that has the image stabilization technology as well as low light photography sensors these two in combination provides you with the movements that are worthy to capture and save forever as enduring memories. Its lens F/1.9 help to capture every moment so artistically that you are never tired of capturing picture and of course when the result is crystal clear how can someone gets tired,You can also shoot videos at 4K with LED Flash as well and of course when you have soo much to capture than for sure you need enough space as well and here you have 32 GB built-in memory to store as much picture as you want and Galaxy A9 Pro also has the capacity to support SD Card at 256 GB.

One of the major reason for positive reviews of Galaxy A9 Pro is their long-lasting battery the ever and company has offered a 5000mAH standard powerful battery that has the capacity to provide the 3g talk time on internet up to 18 hours, internet usage wifi up to 21 hours, video playback up to 26 hours, talk time up to 33 hours and for audio playback it will support  you up to 109 hours. And as per the Galaxy A9 Pro reviews from the customers who have been using it for more than 6 to 7 months, they have appreciated that all the timings are consistent. Your Galaxy A9 Pro is completely personal with the fingerprint sensor as no one is allowed to touch it without you. Other sensors like proximity, barometer, hall sensors are part of Galaxy A9 Pro.

Final Verdict

Galaxy A9 Pro in Pakistan is available to you with the price of only 57,000. A smart handphone that has positive reviews from the market, powerful hardware, stylish design, and excellent camera result what else you demand from a smartphone. If you are looking for a mid-range phone Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro can be a better option that is all time favorite Galaxy A9 Pro price in Pakistan is also competitive.

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