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Samsung Galaxy A6 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Samsung Galaxy A6

Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6+ are one of top all-screen smartphones available at budget. Samsung from year to year produces luxury flagships. As for middle and lower price smartphones, they usually cost exorbitant money. It's easy to explain. On a wave of success of top models the gullible and not very knowledgeable user offer ostensibly "a little simplified" variant of the flagship. Quite a bit, if you believe advertising, that's only in fact the buyer gets too expensive for the very modest characteristics of the phone. Smartphone Galaxy A6, the news about which passed on editorials sites last week, is a wonderful illustration. If you believe the representatives of the company, here you and Infinity Display, and a lot of flagship functions, and elite design, and whatnot, only much cheaper than in Galaxy S9 and S9 +. In principle, fans of the brand can believe all this, especially if the horror want to buy a cool smartphone for funny money. That's just money is not funny-the price of Galaxy A6 will be in the area of 300 euros, and cool this smartphone is not exactly name. We offer six facts about the Galaxy A6, which you should pay attention to if you suddenly thought about buying a Korean device with a loud name and (relatively) low price.

The official sources had to mention the flagship design, in particular, the placement of the camera module and the fingerprint scanner is exactly the same as in the Galaxy S9. In reality, the exterior of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy A6 is closer to the J-series. By the way, the characteristics of it is closer to her. On the heel terrible strips for antennas, and as for the location of the camera and scanner... Here, of course, all like the flagship. Of course, there is no protection against dust and moisture. No USB Type-C, only good old MicroUSB.  Another common feature with flagships-a weak battery at 3000 mAh, with which you will be doomed to permanent recharge. By the way, only charging from the socket is supported, and the wireless is not. If you dream of an "endless display", in the direction of Samsung Galaxy A6 is not exactly worth watching. Not only that there is an ordinary sensor with impressive frames, and the resolution of it only 720 by 1480 pixels. (which gives us the "flagship" aspect ratio of 18.5:9). Pixel density 294 ppi, diagonal 5.6 inches.


The computing center is built around a very good chipset Exynos 7870. Not bad, if there is some 2014 in the yard, and you do not have a huge selection of mobile phones on much more steep platforms. 8-the nuclear chip somehow cope with the work in multitasking mode, although the clock frequency of 1.6 GHz strongly limits the already outstanding ability of the Cortex-A53 architecture. There can be no question of how to implement the flagship functions on such a preflood gland. What to say at all, if among these "functions" is a fingerprint scanner and reminders Bixby. There is a "reminder" in your phone. If you don't know how to use it, ask your grandchildren. Graphic accelerator-ridiculous for laughter. Yes, that's right, and no other way. Mali-t830 MP1 is a video card with one core, which it is time to forget, at least when it comes to smartphones of the middle price range. In the game will not play, unless only in Tetris.

Powerful camera

The Samsung Galaxy A6 camera features are really decent. It is without irony or sarcasm, we state the facts, including the advantages. Aperture f/1.7 should provide good quality of photos in poor light. Light lenses will capture well, so fans shoot in dark phone may like it. In the budget segment of the market do not often meet phones with such aperture, so that the characteristics of the main camera recor, Samsung phones are good. The front camera received a similar resolution (16 MP), but slightly less aperture. Here is the aperture f/1.9, but for selfie camera is a great indicator. It remains to wait for test samples and test the cameras in practice. Can they meet expectations? By the way, shooting video with the resolution of 4k phone does not support. Only FHD with a frequency of 30 frames per second. What were we talking about the flagship functions? Without much talk, we'll move on to the results. First, we list six advantages of Samsung Galaxy A6, for which you could think about buying new products:

  • There is an Always-On-Display function.
  • Promising cameras with 16 MP and Aperture F/1.6 (main) and F/1.9 (front).
  • Dedicated slot for MicroSD memory card up to 256 GB.
  • Multimedia Super AMOLED screen with the resolution of the sides 18.5:9.
  • Reliable metal casing.
  • Weak battery
  • Weak chipset Exynos 7870 with a graphics adapter Mali-t830 MP1.
  • Low resolution, 720 to 1480 pixels.
  • Not the most attractive design, MicroUSB.
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