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Oppo R9s Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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R9s by OPPO mobiles in Pakistan

Oppo mobiles famous for the development of selfie smartphone. They have entered in Pakistani market from last 4 to 5 years and has offered a wide range of variety. People have appreciated their effort in Pakistan, especially because the prices in Pakistan that they are comparatively low as that iPhone and Samsung.OPPO mobiles have targeted different segments of the market with different price ranges and variety of series like their A series have the least prices and even a low edge person is capable to own it their famous model in A series nowadays is A83. As compared to their A series their F series has slightly higher prices and are available to you with different camera specs. As Now their R series is high priced and has fewer models but as per reviews their R series mobile phones are very stylish and has powerful specs. Their R9 globally was offered in 2016 and it is expected that it will be in Pakistan this year. With R9 company has also offered its R9 plus in the market. We will have a generic look at the specs of these mobile but before that, we would like to mention here that we try not to commit any mistake we do not guarantee the accuracy of any information mentioned here as globally there can be the difference in specs of the model.

Specs of R9 2018 model

Oppo R9 2018 has been offered by the company with a vision to offer a slim and stylish device that fits comfortably in your hand they have paid attention to every single edge of this device which will definitely force you to love the device when you will have it in your hand. The company has offered it's OPPO R9 2018 with a display of 5.5 inches and the other variant of oppo R9 Plus has a wider 6.0 inches display they have maintained a 1.66 mm screen to edge ratio to provide you with a full immersive wide display that for sure you wont have experienced earlier. Its attractive metallic luster on the mobile and easy grip are the key specs to attract anyone towards this stylish phone.R9 is available to you for only a weight of 145 g and has a density of only 6.6 mm while R9 plus has a weight of 185 g and has 7.4 mm both are among the thinnest phones offered in their categories .The company has equipped its R9 with a powerful processor of Qualcomm Octa core that has a built-in memory of 64 GB and when a back up is provided by a 4 GB ram then you would have never experienced such a faster device before. You will be able to experience something faster and smoother. Oppo R9 supports a 4g SIM and micro SD card as well because of course when your camera is excellent you have a lot to store and OPPO R9 2018 is famous as a selfie phone.

Powerful battery and secure OPPO R9

Nowadays every one is keen about his or her belonging and people love to own a device that is more secure and private so OPPO mobiles have made it completely secure with the fingerprint sensor now no one can access it until you allow them OPPO R9 just gets unlock within a short span of 0.2 sec. Battery time is one of the key features when it comes to the purchase of smartphone people love to own devices that have long-lasting battery and are capable to get recharge soon and luckily OPPO R9 2018 has both qualities it has a nonremovable 2850 mAH battery that will provide you with sufficient talk time and interesting specs is that it supports VOOC charge technology. A technology that enables the device to get charge quickly and supports a long time with this technology after a recharge of 5 mins you can have a talk time of 2 hours. As we mentioned earlier that OPPO R9 2018 is famous as selfie phone so lets have a look at its camera spec it has a 16 megapixel front-facing camera for the perfect selfies its front camera has the capacity to enhance the incoming light 4x times and your pictures will always appear bright and clear with different modes offered in the camera as well. Oppo R9 has been equipped with beauty 4.0 technology that enhances the best features out of you and make you every picture more beautiful than actual. A rear camera of 13megapixle with the best resolution is also there. As per the rumors, the price of OPPO R9 2018 will be competitive in Pakistan.

Rivals and Final Verdict

It is expected that OPPO R9 2018 will appear as a tough rival to Huawei honor series because Oppo R9 price in Pakistan and the camera specs they are offering are unique in their category. Oppo R9 reviews have been overall positive some of the users have reported that they want an updated operating system but most of them are happy with Oppo R9 specs in Pakistan.

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