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OnePlus 3t Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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OnePlus 3t in Pakistan

OnePlus the name may not feel familiar to many of us as this is something new on the shelves of Pakistani market.OnePlus have recently entered the mobile phone industry with their stylish hand phones packed with the powerful hardware. The company has tried its level best to provide you with an Apple level product when it comes to the comparison of specs and contrarily at a reasonable price. This is the beauty of company and they have received a positive response from the market as well due to their this quality that their products are within reach of the mid-range public. So, in short, you can say that if you are looking for a mid-range high-end phone you should take a chance with OnePlus 3t by the company. Generally, in Pakistan people are not willing to spend on a new brand and even they do not accept a change easily but Changes are good and we should take chance especially with the new products, sometimes they are really good and those who have already tried OnePlus 3t they have given a positive review. So, Lets have a review of OnePlus 3t before you decide to own it.

Specs of OnePlus 3t in Pakistan

First, we would like to mention here that OnePlus 3t is available in the market with two models the first has a built-in memory of 64 GB while the other model of 3t is available with the built-in memory of 164 GB and these two model have a Price difference of only 3000.OnePlus 3t has been designed with care, craftsmanship and with an approach to never settle on less. This slogan by the company basically defines their high approach that how much they are keen about their product is and they are always desperate to provide you something more and they want you to experience a unique experience every time you handle it in your hand this is the beauty of OnePlus phones. They have uniquely used minimalist all-metal body frame a and carefully used a premium space grade aluminum alloy and they have challenged the aesthetics of modern mobile phones with their sleek design.

OnePlus 3t is offered with an AMOLED touchscreen display 16 million color and 5,5 inches Full HD display here they have not changed the size of the screen in both models it is same. OnePlus 3t is available with the most refined version and operating system of time although they have taken a major feature from Andriod   6.0 marshmallow but the company has optimized them and has offered you with the latest Oxygen OS that is more stronger and powerful multitasker then ever in the past. With the powerful Octa-core processor, and a back up of 6 GB Ram these features enabled the OnePlus 6t to move to enjoy a fast and powerful gaming experience than ever in the past and when these are all embedded on Qualcomm Snapdragon powerful chipset the these are unbeatable.

OnePlus 3t a powerful device to operate  

One Plus 3t has every spec that you can get in a high-end mobile like the Samsung A8 but the price of OnePlus is comparatively and OnePlus 3t reviews are also positive. Whenever someone thinks of a smartphone to own the first thing which comes to the mind are its camera specs and here OnePlus 3t will show its spark The Oneplus 3t features superior sensors in front and back both sides with 16MP that will let you capture your every day to day picture. With the smart technology introduced by the company in the OnePlus 3t, your photo shoot has become very free the camera will automatically adjust touch focus, autofocus HDR  and you can also have live streaming through its HDR 16 Mp camera with the large pixels per point the result will be a sharper and clear image. A OnePlus 3t camera is equipped with all light sensors to produce an excellent camera result.T hanks to optical image stabilization technology in your camera of mobile now blurness in the pictures is a story of past and you will have more clear and stable image both from the front and rear camera.

Other powerful specs of OnePlus 3t involve the features like the space factor you can have enough built-in space and prominent feature involve that the mobile is waterproof and it is IP68 certified this is a very positive point in OnePlus 3t. Along with it OnePlus is very keen regarding your privacy so they have offered you the device which is completely secure with the fingerprint sensor now no one can touch your mobile.OnePlus 3t is available with a 3400 non-removable battery that can provide yo back up for more than one day then it also gets a recharge at a faster speed.

Final Verdict

OnePlus 3t price in Pakistan is reasonable and you can get it in 47,000 these mobiles have appeared to a rival for Huawei, Samsung high-end phones as the company have OnePlus 3t specs compatible to these mobiles but they have controlled the prices and this will be a major factor for company success across the globe. If you are also looking for  a middle range phone you should take a chance with OnePlus 3t,

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