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Nokia Nokia 1 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Nokia 1 Price In Pakistan

Nokia 1 price in Pakistan is around PKR 10,000. This is a budget phone which is little chunky. It comes with not very slim design but it looks good. It has thick bezels, and the rounded edges all help it look a little like a compact gadget. It is lightweight and it feels like it could survive a few accidental drops. Looking for a cheap phone that is actually small, look at this phone. It has some normal specs that can run you all day on a long lasting battery.

Nokia 1 Specs

The dual-tone polycarbonate body is playful and colorful on Nokia phone. You can pick in blue or red, both with distinctive white accents. It has 4.5-inch IPS display, camera lens, and on the rocker and power buttons that give normal experience. You can even use Xpress-on covers made for your mobile. This is a long-running Nokia staple that lets you switch out the rear backplate for another pattern or color. Right now there are several different colors, but it looks like HMD will be adding more shades and patterns to the collection soon. The company got a lot right with the Nokia 1, but the cameras are a clear miss. You have a camera that can handle a few tasks that meet your needs. Not very high res but capable to do some good things. The front camera is on same road. This is a cheap phone for small usage. It is not designed to grab the headlines but it could well take the developing world by storm with its bargain basement price tag and promise of decent performance from a super cheap smartphone.

What do you get all? Normal res 4.5-inch IPS FWVGA (854 x 480) display, a MediaTek chipset, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, 5MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, 4G connectivity and a 2,150mAh battery. It is thick, the 9.5mm thickness is huge with a plastic body and sizable bezels around the screen, this phone looks like old phones, you can recall old memories with this phone. What it lacks in style it make up for in strength, and this is typically solid Nokia device that feels like it could survive a real beating. The plastic rear shell, which also wraps around the sides of the phone, is textured.

It measures at diminutive size, 133.6 x 67.78mm, which means it's easy to use one-handed, and we were able to reach our thumb across the screen and hit the volume and power/lock keys on the right comfortably. It has a microUSB port on the bottom of the Nokia 1 for charging, and on the top you'll find a 3.5mm jack. The speaker has been placed on the rear of the phone, another trick to smartphone design of old. The phone is easily covered by your palm. The phone is, by the way, lightweight, making it easy to hold and transport, and the rear cover comes off. The screen on the Nokia 1 is functional and responsive, but it lacks the clarity of screens on more expensive handsets thanks to its lowly 854 x 480 resolution. The display is good enough to read text, view images and play games on though, you're just not going to be dazzled with eye-popping color or cutting-edge graphics.

The camera on phone

This a super budget phone, so do not expect a lot here. It has a 5MP rear sided camera and a 2MP front offering, the cameras on phone are unlikely to win you any photography awards. But they work to take some needs in mind. They are functional, in simple words. Now we are receiving phones in market that can capture amazing photographs that inspire the world. It does matter, the phone cameras have almost ruined the market of point-and-shoot cameras and even it is going to compete with DSLR. But what do you want from a budget like Nokia 1? It does not offer a lot, just a little fun that can keep you busy a for few minutes and you can make calls on video calling when on the go. It has not very impressive internet connection but enough to work in many areas.


Thankfully, the 2,150mAh battery is removable, allowing you to purchase a replacement/spare, so if the first one runs out you can easily swap it for a fully charged power pack. You have to charge the phone on a normal speed, using the microUSB port on the base of the device though, so if you're running low and in need of a top up you will have to be patient. This is not a faster phone of worthy but Nokia has tried to offer what can run you smoothly. There are plenty of low-cost rivals from more obscure brands which usually have a variety of different issues, and the Nokia 1 is looking to provide a simple alternative that may take a little longer to load, but will work how you want it to. You have 8GB of internal storage and around 5GB is only available for use and you can expand using SD card.

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