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Meizu Meizu 16 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Meizu 16

Meizu 16 can impress if you like to own budget phones but impressive features. We are discussing here leaks and rumors to know what this phone could be before it goes official. In general, the Meizu does not go in the best way. The company is in search of its successful smartphone while trying to solve its financial problems, reducing the staff. Meizu need a universal flagship, ready to challenge numerous competitors and so should become Meizu 16. At the con is set a lot and this can be explained by the unusual talkativeness one of the heads of the company, which warms the interest in the phone of the story of its characteristics. The company claimed the Meizu 15 series was experimental, and that truly innovative products would come with a line of Meizu 16. It is promised that for the first time smartphones of the company will get copper heat pipes designed to curb heat dissipation. This gives reason to assume that Snapdragon 845 want to disperse as well as it is decided in ASUS ROG Phone. It will not be the first smartphone that will receive a similar cooling system. As a method of the copper tubes installed in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Razer Phone.

It should be better

Recall that the series Meizu 16 will see the light, possibly coming August 2018 this year and it must come in two models: Meizu 16 and Meizu 16 Plus/Pro. The basic version can come out in two versions of the hardware platform. The appearance of the top platform is confirmed by the head of the company. Meizu 16 is not expected to be a slightly ambiguous smartphone from Meizu. First, the hardware platform. It should be the newest MediaTek or similar, possibly Exynos graphics subsystem Mali g71 single-core, even with the average quality settings. The engineers of the company can decide to abandon the convenient, but not the most reliable mechanical button touch in favor of the screen version of the back, and sensitive to the power of pressing. As if, all class, but too long its retention turns off the screen instead of returning the home interface. The fingerprint scanner moved to the side edge. In general, the location is good, but random alarms are not excluded. From the bad still can be mentioned the lack of NFC support, substantial heating under load and direct autonomy. Given the "freshness" of SoC, there is hope to optimize energy consumption in the future. The strong side of the smartphone is the quality of shooting both on the main camera and on the front.

Smartphones have cemented their strong place in our lives, few today can imagine their lives without gadgets. And really, how many new and unique features this device offers, replacing both phones, and video, and camera, and much more. Annually manufacturers release more and more functional and attractive models of smartphones, leaving the right of choice for the consumer. However, such an abundance of varieties of phones, not rarely caught by surprise even versed in the technique of people. Chinese smartphone manufacturers are doing very well in the market like OnePlus introduced the new flagship OnePlus 6, which is very fast. How is that confidence? Just the engineers at the creation of the novelties were completely focused on getting the maximum performance from the premium smartphone. To not be unfounded, verbally specifications. Those who have ever held in the hands of Samsung Galaxy S9 or Apple device, they do not quickly switch to other phones. Not all smartphones can impress.

Getting improved

Meizu has not managed to impress so many people around the world yet. But the company is working to impress the world, the company has its operations in many areas of the world. The more people come to interest, the more company needs to work hard. Meizu phones, normally, do not cost a lot. And this is good, it is very easy to trick to gain the attention of customers around the world. Once a phone gets popular because of its low price but the massive range of features, the company can increase the price of the phone to earn huge. Meizu phones are not very popular but the company can go high with the passage of time.

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