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LG V40 ThinQ Mobile Phones in Pakistan


LG V40 ThinQ

LG V40 ThinQ price is expected to be very high. The phone is not released but cannot we really talk about this? We can but everything discussed here is based on rumors, predications, expectations and more. It will have impressive cameras. Camera, As most handsets share similar internal components, manufacturers are increasingly trying to differentiate themselves by adding more cameras. It should use the same approach as its predecessors: a standard camera and a wide-angle. The main camera is the same as the v30s, the angle is 71 °. It has 16Mp sensor and optical stability. The wide-angle camera has a 107° view and reduces distortion compared to older handsets. There is no OIS, partly because you do not need such a broad perspective. Unlike a main camera with autofocus, it is also a fixed focus. Like Huawei's recent mobile phone, there is an "AI" pattern that identifies 19 different types of scenarios, and if one is identified, the scene is automatically selected.

Powerful cameras

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. In each case, it applies a color filter and brightness and, when appropriate, recommends a wide-angle camera or an ultra high appearance. The processing of the scene is done on the device, but it takes about 1.5 seconds. After you have taken a picture, there will be a delay of three seconds before you can take another picture. However, it should be noted that we tested the pre-production version of the handset using early software, and LG is working to improve speed and improve and optimize quality. The super appearance machine is suitable for very dark environment. It uses a technique called pixel binding that helps you get better results from your camera, but that means you get 4MP photos instead of MP. If you are shooting video, enabling the "Super Light" feature in the settings means that the same method is used, so you can get full HD quality instead of 4K in low-light conditions. You can also use wide-angle cameras in super Highlight mode or AI camera mode. Back to the video, the maximum speed of G7 in 4K is FPS, but you can record video with HDR. There's also a pretty ' movie video ' model that uses some Hollywood-style filters to make your lenses look more cinematic. Regardless of which mode you choose, stability is not only in 1080p, but also 4 K. Portrait mode is another key feature because people want their new phones to be able to blur the background to get a better DLSR style effect.

The maintains the same view as when shooting with the main camera. The current phone G7, it can shoot 240fps video with 720p, and can record short films at 960fps speed. Before talking about quality, remember that we use pre production software to take photos. Although the camera using the Sony IMX351 sensor is final, but the software is primarily responsible for the ultimate quality, LG makes clear that there is still a lot of work to be done. For example, while the super bright mode can take some impressive photos, others are disappointing, so we have to wait until we get the final software to know if it really does any good. Of course, their resolution is quite low –4mp– and when you zoom in on certain areas, it looks like a painting with little detail. However, the brightness is very obvious because the following photos are taken with very little light. The indoor scene makes it look like it was shot in broad daylight. The current phone has 3000mAh battery is smaller than some competitors, but LG is confident it is enough because its screen is more power-saving.

Long lasting battery

Support Qi wireless fast charging and fast charging 3.0, and contains an adapter. We can't test battery life on G7 for a limited amount of time, but a large number of photos and videos a day use only one-third of its capacity. However, there were no SIM cards and no Wi-Fi.

Pocket adviser provides a switch to remind you of a variety of things you may have forgotten, such as birthdays, people who refused to answer the phone call, and even their favorite contacts who haven't been contacted in three months. Because the screen is very long, you can run two applications simultaneously on the screen. To do this, you open the application switch and press the screen split symbol to enable multiple window mode. On the functional side, highlights include very bright screens, excellent performance of the processor and excellent sound quality on mono speakers. The camera is still an unknown number, but as long as LG can be tuned well. Even so, we hope this will not be too expensive. This is very similar to the V30 of LG's recent price drop.

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