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LG LG K8 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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LG K8 2018 Price in Pakistan

LG mobiles have introduced the LG K8 2018 for mid-range markets. It does not cost a lot. In addition to LG V30 (2018), the company also plans to launch two K-series of New mobiles, k8 (2018) and K10 (2018), this two new mobiles will not use 18:9 of the overall screen design, the product flagship high-quality shooting effect, with and G6 the same 13MP sensors. Every year dozens of new models go to the mobile phone market. Each of them occupies a certain niche in its segment. Also, phones are distributed by price, technical characteristics, features, etc. But at the end of the year, summing up, it is still worth to know how the rating of phones on quality. It is necessary to clarify immediately what is meant by quality and what criteria of assessment. The most important judge in this distribution is always the buyer. The technical specifications indicated by the manufacturer do not always correspond to the real indicators. That's why everything the user says is the main reason to put the model on a certain level.

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. The new K8 2018 offers users advanced functionality at the best price. For example, the camera is equipped with high-speed automatic focus and reduces noise when shooting in low light conditions. Both models have a typical K-series back panel texture, and the 2.5 D-glass facets complement the sleek design of the hull with smooth lines. All this allows smartphones not to lose their relevance over time. It is available in three spectacular colors: black, blue and golden.

The new LG K8 2018 received more advanced camera features, and photos in low light conditions became more vivid and clear compared to the previous model K8 2017. Favorite to users of the "selfie", "hand gesture", "Virtual flash" and "Share with friends" features are saved in the new K8 2018. Clearer shots with low light are possible with K8 2018 and K10 2018 thanks to the new noise reduction function. In combination with the HDR mode (High dynamic range), the photos are bright and contrasting. Capturing group photos with friends or family is now easier thanks to the new timer function. You no longer have to guess how many seconds are left before the camera shutter works. In the new models, you can watch the time thanks to the flash, serving as a visual clue. Thus, all participants of the shooting will be able to get ready at the right time. Another new feature of the K-series camera is "Jump Shot", which shoots every three seconds (up to 20 frames) and connects images to a single GIF image so that they can be easily shared with friends. The function is available on both models of the new K-series and can be used with both front and main camera. "Smartphones of the LG K-series 2018 are focused on providing many fetching capabilities to users who are looking for a device that meets their lifestyle and needs," says Ha Jong Yuk, senior vice president and head of Division LG Electronics Mobile Communications. "We are confident that thanks to camera technology and other smart smartphone features, we will be able to conquer the hearts and minds of consumers in the dynamically evolving mobile market."

Some major specs:

  • Processor: Quad-Core, 1.3 GHz
  • Screen: 5.0” HD with on-cell Touch technology (1280 x 720 pixels/294 dpi)
  • Memory: 2GB RAM/16GB ROM/MicroSD (up to 32 GB)
  • Camera: Main 8 MP/Front 5 MP
  • Battery: 2.500 mAh (removable)
  • Dimensions: 146.3 x 73.2 x 8.2 mm
  • Weight: 148 g
  • Network: LTE/3G/2G
  • Connection: Wi-Fi (802.11 b, g, N)/Bluetooth 4.2/USB 2.0 Type B

This is a slightly improved variant of the predecessor model of level in the company's portfolio. Improved camera interface, added new features for shooting both selfie and the main camera. The processor seems a little different, but alas, no matter how weaker than it was.

Technical specs of the phone LG K8 2018 allow you to evaluate its performance for certain directions and also allow you to compare this phone with others. This page contains all the characteristics known at the moment, as well as descriptions of them. On the left you can see the block of quick links by characteristics, it will allow you to quickly move to the details you are interested in about LG K8 2018.

The number of cores in your phone, as in your computer, affects the number of tasks that a gadget performs at the same time. Hence the conclusion that the more of them, the more tasks your phone can perform in a fraction of a second, without wasting time for long downloads. Today, the number of cores allows the smartphone to perform all the same work that the computer does. The smartphone is optimized for mid-rangers, this is not an unusual point for gadgets in this price class. Front and back it is sensitive to pressure, even with a slight pressure we see the formation of waves on the LCD display.

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