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LG G3 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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LG G3 Price in Pakistan

LG G3 price in Pakistan is just PKR 28,500. This is one of best smartphone released in the history of smartphone industry. A solid handset which can lead you to performance you love. The combination of large screen and powerful specs with not very bulky bezels have impressed the world. One of best flagship a user can grab to make many things easy in life because of rich feature experience. Where it stands? This is optimized for people who love impressive call quality, faster internet speed with LTE, excellent camera and high-res display. It comes with powerful processor that can push users fast. One interesting part that can grab the attention, it packs a removable battery.

LG G3 Specs

LG has tried to give its competitors very stuff time to compete with this powerful smartphone. It caused special damage to others because a wide range of useful features that make things easy. This is a little bold handset, when you think about the display panel. It has gigantic 5.5-inches Quad HD resolution display. Quad HD means 1140 x 2560 pixels resolution touchscreen that offer impressive color contrast. Looking back at predecessor, you can find vivid a lot because of some minor changes (almost all changes are good to impress people). There is same rear-sided button for doing some good things at a normal level. The metallic-looking back side of phone look good. This is not made with full metallic material, mostly plastic material is used but look good. You have all buttons on back side to manage things. And along with them, there is a 13MP camera located on back just above buttons with laser autofocus and dual-tone LED flashlight. Making use of on-screen keys, the phone has managed to offer bigger viewing angle than some rivals.

This phone has minimal bezels that give an awesome look to enjoy. It feels like an all screen front panel for an elegant look and feel. The QHD touchscreen display feature vivid 538 pixels density. At top, there is a 2.1MP camera you can use to take some photos and record videos too. The build quality is good and it is easy to grip the phone. It is around 8.9mm thick and does not feel bulky when you hold in one hand.

LG has loaded the phone with tons of new features that make your life easy. And the camera app is loaded with features that lead you to inspirational shots. It has 13MP camera with laser detection autofocus, means it can capture very sharp photos. It even is helpful to have some sharper images in low-light condition. You can capture impressive still shots, even when objects are moving. It comes with hefty 2.5Ghz processor you can use to have smooth performance. And it has scored marks what industry love on benchmarks. As I told above, this phone comes with a removable battery. It has 3000mAh battery by default which is enough to keep you connected with the world all day. This phone is said to give around 12 hours of talk time on a single charge.

The LG G3 is one great handset due to many reasons. And LG G3 2018 price is not very high. It feels like a phablet because of large size. But it does not feel bulky to handle the game. You can easily hold, even your hands are not much larger, and make phone operations. However, I do not claim it suits to easy one-handed operations you would love. One great feature you may love, it has SD card so you can expand the storage depending on needs. LG has been working industry of mobiles for years. And in that mean time the company has proved it can produce impressive handsets.


  • Vivid display
  • Fast performance
  • Impressive camera
  • Long battery
  • SD card slot


  • Low-res front camera
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