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LG K11 Plus Mobile Phones in Pakistan


LG K11 Plus

The LG K11 Plus is an entry-level smartphone with a not very high price tag. LG was able to make an attractive design and fit into it excellent stuffing, not forgetting about the volumetric battery. It is worth noting that the buyer is available with simple modifications and some decent features.

It has a simple build quality and normal size. So, if you are not really a fan of big sized displays, you can focus on what LG has made to make you happy. Lg mobile price is very low, at a very low price tag, it can attract some basic customers or those who are looking for an extra phone to manage some extra tasks. LG mobile is trying to draw the attention of many customers around the world with some rather affordable options.

Specs and Features

Not just LG K11 Plus, the company has also brought the K11 Plus along with this so you can pick easily. These new LG phones have many similar features. The LG K11 Plus has some basic characteristics, it is an updated version of LG K10 (2018), which is sold in different markets under a different name, previously Italy received it as a K11. The main features are the 5.3-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, a chipset MediaTek mt6750 with a clock frequency of up to 1.5 GHz, a battery 3000 mah and a fingerprint scanner. LG K11 + offers 3 GB of RAM instead of 2 GB of LG K11α, 32 GB of internal memory instead of 16 GB, and the main camera is a 13-megapixel sensor instead of 8-megapixel. Both devices have 5-megapixel front cameras.

Under the SIM card, there are two slots of the type Nano-sim. A version of Bluetooth-4.2. Supported Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, LE, HID, PAN, AVRCP. The phone has support for 4th generation networks. The Wi-Fi module is able to function in the following standards: 802.11 (b, G, N). Wi-Fi protocols: Wi-Fi Hotspot, Wi-Fi Direct. Positioning: GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS. With all this, LG mobile price in Pakistan is not very high.

Should you pick?

Nowadays, smartphones are becoming more expensive every year. There were times when, for example, Apple smartphones at the start of sales cost $600 and many considered this price inflated. And now iPhone 8 – $699, iPhone 8 Plus – $799, and iPhone X and at all costs $999, which for a lot is not a reasonable waste of money. The time when the flagship smartphones cost 30000 rubles passed. After the jump in the price of equipment in 2014, buyers have become more careful to choose smartphones. A large number of players in the smartphone market leads to the fact that some start to reduce prices, yes would entice consumers. Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei went this way and were able to acquire multi-million fans. They offer really balanced machines at affordable prices. One more pleasant factor influencing the price reduction. Some manufacturers, in a race for a share of the market, try to release often models of smartphones, presenting new functions. As a result, prices for previous generations have to be reduced.

If LG wants to make a good sale of the LG K11 Plus in Pakistan, it should focus on the price tag. There are many impressive options from Xiaomi and Oppo at a very low price. The problem is that a large range of models can make it difficult to decide on a purchase. Finding the best price-quality ratio has never been so easy and thus difficult, despite the many options. Good screen, powerful processor, camera making great pictures and capacious battery, still one of the most important features when choosing a smartphone. LG phones, low budget does not mean that you will not be able to access excellent parameters and functionality. Of course, the flagship models may not be in the zone of your reach, but we have tried to select the best smartphones at the ratio of price quality, where each invested ruble will be justified. Due to lack of knowledge about what is available in the market, we want to displace you from the purchase of budget models Samsung, Sony, LG, and others. Often they cost the same, or even more while having at times worse characteristics (low-resolution screen, a simple camera, a small amount of RAM and internal memory, not a productive processor).

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