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LG G7 ThinQ Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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LG G7 ThinQ

After a few months of delay, LG's 2018 flagship G7 Thinq finally made its debut. In any case, the phone has the 2018-year flagship of the main element, and may even be better. In contrast to the previous generation, the most notable change is the addition of a "thinq" suffix, and LG intends to introduce the name into all the AI products, including refrigerators and mobile phones. LG G7 THINQ's jaw section is very narrow, and LG V30 and Galaxy S9 are not much different. Other designs are more conventional and do not have much of a place to shine. The rear of the body is made of glass, with a total of four shades of gray, black, blue and pink for consumers to choose from.

Powerful specs

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. Two cameras use a vertical arrangement, with a fingerprint sensor underneath. As Apple embraced the OLED screen, it was surprising that LG chose the LCD material for the flagship screen. But from the actual experience this LCD performance is very good. The 6.1-inch screen has a maximum brightness of 1000nits and consumes 30% more energy than the G6 province. This screen covers 100% of the Dci-p3 gamut, and users can adjust them through the RGB settings. In terms of specifications, the U.S. version is equipped with 4GB of memory and 64GB of built-in storage, but the international version has a 6GB/128GB version. The battery capacity is 3000mAh, and the capacity is small relative to the screen size. LG G7 thinq still supports storage extensions, retains headphone ports and uses QUAD-DAC for elevated sound quality, one of G7 's many selling points.

The new "Super Bright" mode can increase exposure under very dark light conditions, and the actual test results show that the low-light environment can be incredibly bright. LG claims that the introduction of artificial intelligence technology can significantly improve performance, to identify various scenarios and objects. The company also introduced the portrait model for the first time, using the rear dual camera as to provide depth information and using AI for front-end processing. The above is the foreign media tnw evaluation experience. LG has not announced the price of the flagship, but believes it should be flat with other mainstream flagship companies.

G7 it G6 's real successor. There are many similarities between G7 and v30s. In the past, the difference between ' G ' and ' V ' was obvious, but now almost the same. There is a difference, mainly G7 has an IPS screen rather than OLED, and a faster processor. Design, LG insists on the design of G6 and improves the design for G7. This is a gorilla Glass 5 sandwich, G7 supports Qi wireless charging, so using glass is not just for looking beautiful. Supports IP68 waterproof with a 3.5 mm jack next to the bottom of the usb-c port. One of the most obvious design features is the screen gap. This might not get popular because it is rather gimmick instead of a useful feature. It contains an 8Mp camera and intercom speaker, as well as an ambient light sensor. LG referred to the two sides of the screen as a ' second screen '--a reference to the real second screen of the V-series phone a few years ago. You can find the option in the setup application to darken the screen to hide the gap, but you can also choose a different color or some nice gradients to make it blend differently.

Vivid display

Some people will be annoyed at the small "chin" at the bottom, but LG says the bottom border is hard to be as narrow as the top because of the electronic components needed for the IPs screen. Screen The aspect ratio of the screen itself is 19.5:9 and the resolution is 3120x1440 pixels. Measuring its diagonal is difficult because of the rounded corners, but LG quotes it as 6.1 inches. G7 's MLCD + display does not use traditional red, green, and blue subpixel permutations, but instead adds a white pixel to increase the brightness without using more power. It provides a super highlight mode that increases brightness to 1000 guineas, up to three minutes, and helps screen readability when outdoors is sunny. To enable it, you must move the Brightness slider to 100% and click the Sun icon on the left. We filmed G7 outdoors in very bright conditions, and using "Super highlight" mode makes it easier to see the screen when using a phone dialer or communication application. With expert mode, you can fine-tune settings manually, and you can even adjust the red, green, and blue levels individually. Because of its high brightness, the screen supports HDR 10 content and overwrites the full percentage of the dci-p3 gamut, so you can display all the required colors.

The refresh rate is fixed, so no matter whether you choose a game mode or a movie, there is no difference. If you want to try to extend battery time, you can choose a lower resolution. Because there is a microSD slot in the SIM tray, you can easily extend the storage. In Geekbench 4, G7 scored 8979 in multi-core tests, with a single nucleus of 2312. So it's really fast.

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