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LG G7 Neo Mobile Phones in Pakistan


LG G7 Neo

LG G7 Neo price in Pakistan is expected to be around PKR 70,000. So everything discussed here is not officially, there are based on rumors, leaks, expectation, etc. It could be the LG V30 update, like the 2018 regular upgrade, no special new things, but LG has its own unique place. The name is relatively long, for the sake of simplicity, the following is the LG G7. Look familiar, there are four colors optional, battery capacity is 3000mAh, Octa-Core processor, 4GB of memory. G7 hardware parameters are good, good workmanship, IP68 Waterproof, support SD card expansion, the bottom retains the headset interface.

Glass and beauty

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. The back is glass, surrounded by aluminum, support wireless charging, the screen will reflect, but still OK. LG has been focused on the audio experience, supporting the 32-bit quad DAC, the speaker looks small, but the sound is very loud. LG claims to be 40%, I can only say that it will be much bigger. And can feel the vibration of the phone, speakers can be used as a resonant cavity, hands on the bottom of the phone, you can feel the airflow, can feel the vibration of this is very cool. Low-frequency performance is also good, but not stereo speakers, the speaker grille is relatively small, easy to cover is a disadvantage. The front is 6.1 inches, 3120x1440, IPS, Liu Hai, narrow chin, I think OK. With the LCD screen, not the OLED screen, the advantage is very bright, outdoors, the highest brightness, you can make the screen more clearly. The colors are bright, clear and bright. Using 2018 years of populari, LG in the set, called it the second screen. If you do not like bangs, you can hide, you can choose the background color.

The camera may be the most characteristic place of this handset, two 16 million pixel lens f/1.6 aperture, LG still insists to use the ultra wide-angle lens rather than the telephoto camera, the fish eye lens's wide-angle range is very wide. The above is only the hardware part, and V30 more like. Software also has a relatively large change, you guessed right, is the AI. Now is a mobile phone business, all say they have AI. For LG G7, the camera app has a personal image button and a prominent Aicam that can be opened to identify 18 different situations, such as pets, food, sunset, fruit patterns, and more.

After the photo can be adjusted photos, there are four filters, you can choose a filter you like, do not know where the AI effect, is this. There is also a super bright mode, similar to the night view mode, the picture of the night light will be better, I try to feel good after trial. Portrait mode, before and after the lens can be virtual, very good. In general, G7 is a machine that can be considered, for those familiar with the LG mobile phone, will be a bit familiar, the system features a bit like Samsung also acceptable. But LG's biggest flaw is that there is no particular reason to abandon Galaxy S9, IPhone, and choose G7. But wide-angle camera is still very unique, headphone jack, Quad DAC is also very unique, but in addition to more conventional, I hope this article to help everyone. Love electronic products, objective evaluation of electronic products website, welcome attention and subscribe to us. Overall, the mobile phone should be in the flagship mobile phone performance is relatively balanced, pull out a single item does not seem to be particularly bright eyes, but the combination is quite competitive.

Impressive flagship

LG has adopted a relatively conservative design style, perhaps to save the already decadent market share. LG's 2018 flagships should be very impressive, the phone has the 2018-year flagship of the main element, and may even be better. In contrast to the previous generation, the most notable change is the addition of a "thinq" suffix, and LG intends to introduce the name into all the AI products, including refrigerators and mobile phones. Other designs are more conventional and do not have much of a place to shine. The rear of the body is made of glass, with a total of four shades of gray, black, blue and pink for consumers to choose from. Two cameras use a vertical arrangement, with a fingerprint sensor underneath. Again, we have discussed rumors and expectations.

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