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LG G7 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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LG G7 Price in Pakistan

LG G7 price in Pakistan is around PKR 70,000, if it makes appearance here. LG has been working in industry of smartphones for many years and in that meantime the company has managed to produce so many successful options. The company takes care of trends so that it can make users happy with their own demands. Along with this, the company has potential to work with experiments of some new features that can bring some new tricks to do various things of life. LG is one of top-class smartphone brand around the world with availability of products on many countries. What do you normally love to get when you think of a new purchase in market of smartphones? It normally matters with design, performance, camera and battery. And LG is expert in taking care of all these points with powerful potential.

LG Design, Specs, Features

What does really attract in market to so many users? People love sleek and slim designs that are not bulky and easy to hold in hands. With the passage of time, sizes of smartphones have increased and thickness of smartphones have decreased. Now we have smartphones with all screen design. An all screen design the front panel consist only design by ditching front-sided buttons and everything available in front. It is for those who love immersive viewing experience. Once screen of phone was increasing from time to time, when it becomes enough to hold in hands, companies started focusing on screen to body ratio more than size of screen. Now we have phones available with more than 80% screen to body ratio and they look quite attractive. Fingerprint scanners have been moved to back side from front buttons. Instead of using physical home buttons, companies have enabled phones to work with on-screen buttons. LG is now making smartphones what can give a real all-screen design look. Using this trick, companies have managed to offer big phones that feel compact because of immersive screen ratio on front panels.

LG is expert is making phones with high-res displays and faster processors that can keep you fast all day. An octa-core chipset and heavy RAM card push consumers fast even on tons of multitasking. Finally, LG is making use of dual cameras that help you to capture sharp images on both conditions, in low light and day light. With the passage of time, cameras on smartphones evolved a lot and they have almost ditched the market of point and shoot cameras. LG has been impressing the world with powerful cameras a lot for many years and still waving with camera sensors that can even compete a normal level DSLR. I do not really claim that phones cameras are better than those big and bulky DSLRs. But they have potential to capture professional-like images with powerful optical zoom and other stuff. They are capable to shoot inspirational shots on both conditions now, day light and low light. The addition of secondary camera lead to extensive light condition when shooting in low light.

Better Battery Life

The life of battery matters. So many users love stay away from wall chargers as more as possible. And LG has tackled this issue with power and tricks. Fast charging support on LG G7 is good. You can charge many LG-made phones around 50% in around half hour. It leads to more usage and less charging. With interesting adjustment of consumption, you can enjoy more than a day on a single charge. The company has tried to compete with its rivals very powerfully. With tons of smartphones available in market, it is not easy to rank among best. But LG has managed to rank on better position in market with powerful devices.

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