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Lenovo Z5 Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Lenovo Z5

Lenovo Z5 is expected to be one of best bezel-less smartphone around the world. The phone is not introduced officially, so we are discussing rumors and leaks to know what it could pack. Lenovo’s one official has laid out various information about the flagship smartphone Lenovo Z5. It has already informed that from one charge the phone will be able to work 45 days, being in standby mode, and also has told about some other cool features of the future novelty, for example, about 4 TB of freedom of memory. On the expanses of social networks, Weibo appeared two images, shedding light on the appearance of the smartphone Lenovo Z5, and to be precise, the front part. The mobile device turned out to be not the way the users were waiting for it. As you can easily see, at the bottom of the phone is a cutout of an impressive size that spoils the entire appearance of the phone. It appears that the front camera is located, as well as all other sensors for the operation of the phone.

Impressivly Bezel-Less

Previously it was reported that Lenovo Z5 will become the world's most unframed smartphone. It seems to be an exaggeration. It is much more appropriate to say that the phone will become one of the most full-size phones on the market. In this regard, it creates the feeling that no 4 TB of free space in the smartphone will not. Users may be offered 256 GB of internal memory, and the rest of the space is compensated by the cloud storage, which will be available free of charge. It may also come out so that 45 days of battery life in standby mode is off, that is when the phone cannot be used because it is turned off. If this is true, Lenovo will be hit by a flurry of criticism from fans. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes.

Agree, not every grandmother will fit the phone with a bunch of obscure features and the most powerful processor. An elderly person simply does not reveal the full potential of the tricked smartphone, using minimal capabilities (calls, SMS). So why overpay for technologies that will not find practical applications in the future? Do not chase the expensive smartphones, which diligently advertise manufacturers. If you do not play games, then a powerful processor you do not need. Rarely photograph? Then the camera in the phone pays less attention. Before going to the store, determine for yourself what tasks will perform the future purchase, which is more important to you. Deleting pre-function, without which you can do, spend on buying much less. Smartphone display technology is not worth it, they are constantly improving. Today there are 3 main types of matrices: TN, IPS, AMOLED. Often the controversy goes about the advantages and disadvantages of the IPS and AMOLED matrices, their comparison. But TN-screens are not in vogue for a long time. This is an old development, which is now almost unused in new phones.

High Competition

The Xiaomi Mi 8, Galaxy S9 and iPhone X are popular a lot. Is it worth sacrificing the traditional appearance of mobile phones to make the screen a little bigger? Looked like this insert is really unusual. Boldness" of Apple this time went even further — the device is equipped with an innovative facial recognition system face ID, and in the box on the screen and many sensors necessary for its operation. Why was it impossible to save the usual thick frame from the top of the case? A few more months have passed, and models with "notch" release almost every second smartphone manufacturer-from small Chinese brands that just want to copy the iPhone, to quite respected LG, OnePlus and Xiaomi. How bad "Notch" is, and what it's good for. Perhaps your opinion about this strange cell design element will change after reading this article.

This is a subjective but reasonable and justified argument. Many people just do not like the way the mobile phones with an insert on the display of any shape. In the end, over the years of using computers, laptops, TVs, phones, and tablets, we are all accustomed to the fact that the screen should be rectangular, and in the extreme case-to have rounded corners.

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