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Lenovo Vibe C A2020 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Lenovo Vibe C A2020 Price in Pakistan

Immediately pay attention that weighs Lenovo VIBE C as much as 166, and it's a lot. Especially for a model that is entirely made of plastic. The design is completely collapsible. The lid is removed, underneath it is a battery that can be easily ejected, as well as slots for two SIM cards and a microSD memory card. By the way, supported cards up to 32 GB, so that in the free memory will not exactly lack.

Design and power

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. The design turned out simple and ascetic that for a budget smartphone is generally justified. On the back side is a small Lenovo logo and a larger inscription VIBE centered. There is also a main camera lens and a flash. The sound of the multimedia speaker is displayed on the back of the case. And the sound is quite loud and clear, unless, of course, the speaker is not blocked. The connectors are centered on top, and there are only two of them: standard MicroUSB and audio output. The Power on/Unlock button and volume control buttons are on the right side face. Overall, the ergonomics are all standard and convenient. Lenovo VIBE C is a classic. A cardboard box in which the smartphone itself (it can be white or black, as in the case of our test sample), also removable battery, headset, documentation and collapsible charging.

The screen at Lenovo VIBE C is 5-inch. It seems to be good, if not modest resolution-only 854 x 480 points. It is clear that the phone is inexpensive, but with such a diagonal would like to see the resolution of the screen, at least at the level of 720p. Readability in the sun average – often there is a desire to increase the level of brightness, while it is already on the maximum. This is a normal-size phone you can buy at normal price.


The resolution of the built-in camera at present time is rather modest-5 MP. The pictures don't strike the imagination either. In clear weather on the street you can still shoot something more less qualitatively, but in the room all pretty sad. Front-panel has a 2-megapixel module. From camera settings There is a possibility to adjust ISO, shutter speed, white balance, noise suppression, also there are several filters. As an operating system, Lenovo VIBE C uses its own memory for an 8 GB smartphone, and only 1GB of RAM. All this works on the basis of a 4-core processor Snapdragon 210 with a frequency of 1.1 GHz. Of course, not without the brand shell from Lenovo. Despite the very modest amount of RAM, the smartphone is quite smartly working, both in the menu and in games. And here you evaluate the modest resolution of the screen, thanks to which the processor is not too loaded. The result in AnTuTu is about 22,000 points, which is quite sufficient for the budget model.

So should you buy?

At the output, we get a good smartphone for normal price, although without much rebidding. If you need a workhorse-the most affordable device from a well-known brand, with a full warranty, and which will remain valid for a long time (in any way supports 4g), Lenovo VIBE C is quite possible to consider. The smartphone will also be a great purchase for the season Back to School. First, it is inexpensive – not so scary if the child loses it or breaks it. The materials made by VIBE C are quite practical, and in general the device is convenient in everyday use.

The battery is not the most capacious – 2300mAh, which will give you about 3 hours of active screen in 3g networks. In LTE, the smartphone also works, but due to the lack of such networks in Ukraine, to check the indicators of autonomy in 4g mode there was no possibility. In practice, the user is provided with approximately 24 hours of battery life.

Lenovo A2020 (Lenovo Vibe C and Lenovo A2020 a40) is a modern mid-range smartphone in 2016 from Lenovo that can meet the needs of undemanding users who need dual SIM support and the ability to Work in high-speed LTE networks. It can compete with other brands like Xiaomi. If you use a smartphone mainly for surfing the internet and phone calls-you can try this model of the device. Otherwise, you should pay attention to other devices of Lenovo company.

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