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Lenovo Lenovo K8 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Lenovo K8

Lenovo K8 is a mid-range phone with a compact display and good camera. This is the third smartphone in K8 series, in the name of which there is no prefix "Plus" or "Note", it means that there is a smallest diagonal of the screen, among their fellows. Also in order to save the double camera and only the HD screen matrix. Lenovo K8 received a 5.2-inches screen resolution of 1280 × 720 points, hidden behind a chemically hardened 2.5 D glass. The amount of RAM leaves 3 gigabytes, and that's how much space to store data, Lenovo phones are good to get this. Also stated in the presence of a slot for MicroSD memory card, but again unknown it will be a dedicated slot or hybrid slot, combined with a SIM card. The heart of the smartphone was the Helio P20 processor operating at a frequency of 2.3-gigahertz with an integrated graphics chip Mali T-880. K8 Plus is a little powerful, it comes for the hardware filling with the high-tech 8-core processor MediaTek Helio P25 with a working frequency of 2.6 GHz. Modern adapter Mali T880MP2, which the creators decided to give this model, allows without much problems to run the most voracious games on almost the maximum graphics settings. With 3 GB of RAM, even a large number of simultaneously running applications will not affect the quality of the gadget. K8 Plus has 32 GB of built-in memory which can be increased with MicroSD up to fantastic 256 GB. It follows that quite average smartphone allows storing such a volume of data, which is not under the power of many modern flagships. The main 13-megapixel camera with phase autofocus and frontal 8-megapixel camera with LED Flash is responsible for the shooting. The technology was not used to improve the sound quality.

Heavy battery

The capacity of the built-in battery is 4000 mah, according to the developers it is enough for 48 hours of work. Again there is no mention of support for fast battery charging technology. It is also worth mentioning the presence of 3.5-mm audio, two slots for SIM cards, FM radio, voice support for the technology VoLTE, WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2. This is good, the big brother (K8 Plus) is similar to this, K8 Plus has the ability to work simultaneously with two nano SIM-cards, which are placed in a single tray with a microSD extension. There are traditional types of communications, including a module of access to the Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth version 4.2, as well as a built-in GPS system. A separate praise deserves a non-removable battery device that has a capacitive capacity of 4000 mah. This allows the smartphone to dispense for two days without any recharge at a fairly active use. This feature will be very useful for those users of mobile devices who are not accustomed to carrying with them Power Bank. I would like to say that the battery point is not major point here, just size matter when you come to pick a K8 device.

Mid-range performance

It should be understood that Lenovo K8 Note is not a flagship model of the brand. For this reason, you should not expect performance and performance miracles from the device. At the same time, this smartphone uses a very productive processor and a sufficient amount of RAM, which will provide the most comfortable operation of the phone for most undemanding users. In addition, the presence of dual-core and the high-quality front camera will make the Lenovo K8 a great choice for lovers of selfie and quality pictures, and the battery capacity of 4000 mah will provide excellent autonomy of the device.

Lenovo specializes in the production of various techniques, including mobile phones. The main attention of the producer is paid to the budget models, which are distinguished by high-performance "iron". The Lenovo K8 refers to the devices of the middle price segment. In this article, we will look at all the advantages and disadvantages of this model, as well as the distinctive features that distinguish the machine from the general range of modern mobile phones. In terms of packaging, Lenovo has not invented anything unusual. The phone is marked with company logos, as for the layout of the modules, the smartphone Lenovo K8 is not different from most of their fellows. On the top are a conversational speaker and traditional for modern smartphones light and zoom sensors.

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