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Huawei P20 pro Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Huawei P20 Pro Price in Pakistan

Huawei P20 Pro price in Pakistan is around PKR 100,000. Whether it is a dreamy aurora or its full of artistic atmosphere of the overall design, let consumers deeply infatuated. Of course, the most attractive affirmation of the machine is the stunning Leica three lens, with the AI photography master, enough to narrow the distance between white and professional photographers. As the world's recognized photography and photo awards, TIPA (Image Technology Media Association Award) is undoubtedly authoritative and representative. As the influential authoritative photographic organization in the world, its members come from more than 31 relevant images of the magazine, all over the five continents of 15 countries, each year will be the European release of camera-related products for the target, according to the industry selected the best products and awards. For the award-winning products This is undoubtedly a privilege, and even some manufacturers will be awarded the logo on the product box for easy display, fully reflect its excellent quality. It gives hard competition to Apple and Samsung.

P20 Pro has a powerful camera

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. As Huawei's first flagship of the year, the P20 pro's crisp win was clearly related to its innovative Leica three lens. The 40MP main lens uses the oversized photosensitive element, the 1/1.7 inch big bottom is enough to be able to disdain the market all handset. With the f/1.8 aperture lens, as well as the 20MP ultra clear black and white module and 8MP telephoto module, can achieve 3 times times optical zoom and 5 times times mixed zoom.

In addition, thanks to the application of large area sensors, the highest sensitivity of the P20 Pro is ISO 102400, which is the same as that of the SLR, which means that in the same environment, the machine can take pictures with higher brightness, less noise and clearer images. At the same time, as the P20 Pro uses a new color temperature sensor, so the machine in the camera can accurately detect the ambient light, while the white balance of the adjustment is also more sophisticated, in the face of portrait shooting or other subjects, the whole change color more vivid.

P20 Pro award also specifically mentions the AI photographer and dark Light photography, which is indeed the P20 Pro push of the special features. In order to allow users to have the best night experience, the P20 Pro with AI algorithm and AI intelligent image-stabilization technology, filtering and correcting due to hand jitter caused by the screen offset and blur, at the same time in a number of synthesis of the premise ordered users in a hand-held state can also take the effect of excellent night photos. and benefiting from Kirin 970 and AI technology, the machine can achieve 19 types of shooting and up to 500 kinds of scene automatic identification, the overall use of the process is extremely smooth, so that users feel the charm of High-tech, think this is the "people-oriented" ultimate form.

To get this kind of jackpot is not surprising for the P20 Pro, a good product will naturally have good feedback, just as a famous Third-party evaluation agency DXO on the machine: "P20 Pro is the most innovative mobile phone lately", a score of 109 points may be over the next few days. Huawei in the mobile phone after the first gradual gradient structure color process, structural color and dye dyeing, is a kind of light from the changes in color, such as peacock beautiful feathers, shiny gems, are the masterpieces of natural daylight. Huawei adopts independent research and development, and has patent protection of the industry's first vacuum nano-scale magnetron sputtering coating process, the perfect appearance from the natural light spectrum of a color change, so that the structure color for the first time in the mobile phone glass back cover material, to create the world's first glass gradient mobile phone.

Huawei is improving its mobile segment

In recent years, the mobile phone has been gradually out of the functional significance of the new, consumer demand for mobile phones from simple mobile phones into a micro-computer, a portable camera, or even a mini game machine. But the handset photography ability is precisely is Huawei P20 series merit Most outstanding one. It seems that the gradual discoloration of Huawei's P20 and three-shot configuration has captured the hearts of a large number of consumers, so we will scramble to imitate. According to the industry, Huawei P20 series due to the complexity of the process, high production costs, coupled with the large demand for users, will be in short supply in a few days, also let Huawei P20 or will become the "most difficult to buy" mobile phones. Partial screenshot: At any interface, use the knuckles to tap the screen, and then do not lift the knuckles and draw closed graphs, such as circles, directly on the screen.

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