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Huawei Nova 3E Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Huawei Nova 3E

I have observed Huawei Nova 3E is available as Huawei Mate 10 Lite in Pakistan. Is Huawei Nova 3e worth buying? Huawei recently held a new launch in Changsha, officially launched its Nova series of the latest products-"the Nova 3e." It's tempting to wonder what the Huawei Nova 3e really is. is Huawei Nova 3e worth buying? Friends who want to know the answer may wish to take a look at the Nova 3e depth experience evaluation of the young-compilation-sharing. Just got the Nova 3e, the first feeling is more exquisite, can't help holding in the hand more play for a while. From the Nova 3e, it is hard to find the shadow of Huawei's mobile phone, the good place is to give consumers a sense of freshness, and the bad place is the lack of family genes, lack of identification. Huawei to solve this problem, at the bottom of the positively added logo, let people pick up a person know, well, this is a mobile phone in Pakistan, do not doubt. The Nova 3e machine is sleek, thickness control is very good, 7.4mm, hand feel is very good, this gives a very intimate and friendly experience, at least can make people willing to take a long time in hand, this is the user experience is undoubtedly the most direct and also feel the deepest.

Beautiful and powerful

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. The 3e fringe of the Nova is not a 3D structured light, so there are a lot fewer components, only front camera, handset, and sensor, so, than the iPhone X bangs a lot smaller, in the screen accounted for more advantages, and bring the experience whether reading, watching video or browsing the web, shopping. Using high-end apps is good. While it is difficult to install cameras, handsets, and sensors in such a small area without the iPhone X's original deep camera, the 3e uses a customized front-facing camera for higher assembly accuracy, a smaller volume of 44%, and an elliptical design for the handset. Under the premise of satisfying the audio sound out area, the handset decorative part size is minimized. And the front to fill the light aspect, then uses the screen to fill the light. is Huawei Nova 3e worth buying? The Nova 3e depth experience evaluation Front except for the top fringe, the bottom also left a part of the area, is the above mentioned printed on the logo, this design feeling is still some questionable, although increasing the identification of the handset, but in the handset, front camera and sensors have a "home" situation, As big as possible to raise the screen accounted for is undoubtedly the first, according to Huawei's current technical strength, I believe can do this, but adopted a design, not very understand.

The Nova 3e uses a glass + metal design, both sides are 2.5D glass, the fuselage lighter, about 145g. The upper-left corner of the back is a vertical row, but it is not a Leica, it seems this year the camera modeling to popularize the rhythm, monochrome warm flash. The back fingerprint position is moderate, the single hold is more easy to touch, the Huawei logo is placed in the lower left corner, the camera and logo are a vertical arrangement of the design a little salute card machine meaning. On the screen, the Nova 3e uses a 5.84-inch screen, 2280*1880 resolution, 96% NTSC color gamut, 1500:1 contrast, and a screen ratio of 19:9, compared to 18:9, the fuselage will look more slender, grip experience better. At the same time, the 3e screen color saturation brightness of the Nova is optimized, the maximum brightness from 3000lux to 10000lux to achieve, and thus reduce the outdoor non-solar direct power consumption. The Nova 3e supports screen color temperature adjustment with default, warm and cool colors, and also supports customization.

The Nova 3e depth experience evaluation is Huawei Nova 3e worth buying? The Nova 3e depth experience evaluation EMUI 8.0 of the appearance of everyone should have been more familiar with, located on the leftmost page of the desktop Emui 8.0 do very well. In addition, the integration of news, video, music and so on. Camera aspect, the Nova 3e uses a rear 16 million pixel + 2 million pixel combination, and no Leica Cagayan holder, 5MP+3MP lenses, a responsible imaging one responsible for the virtualization, where the main lens aperture f2.2,1.12um pixel dimensions, FoV wide-angle 78°. 2MP megapixel camera for professional blur lens. The main camera of the Nova 3e is to support portrait mode, large aperture mode, beauty, first-camera focus, and so on. Among them, the Nova 3e is equipped with a new generation of beauty technology, can achieve the beauty of the fine repair while maintaining the real details of the face.

At the same time, but also for male users of the United States to take photos can be retained beard, not excessive whitening. In addition, the Nova 3e of the United States can reshape the face through the 3D three-dimensional features of the facial contour, based on the facial 96 features intelligent recognition, deepen the T-shaped area of light to distinguish, highlight the zygomatic region, enhance the cheeks. The bright eye algorithm can make the eye circumference spot distinguish obviously, the eyelash increases the density, causes the eye to be more profound. In front, the Nova 3e is equipped with a 24MP front camera, 5MP lens, F2.0 aperture, 0.9um pixel size, FoV wide-angle also for 78°, focal length 27mm. The Nova 3e front also supports portrait mode, the same with a new generation of beauty technology, more attention to natural beauty and three-dimensional, not only the above-mentioned beauty function but also the use of 4-in-1 optical fusion technology, in dim light.

Should you buy?

Above, is small series share about Huawei Nova 3e is not worth buying? The full content of the Nova 3e depth experience evaluation. From the above, it is not difficult to see, the Nova 3e is still very worthwhile to start, after all, in addition to portrait mode, excellent color value for the product plus a lot. So, are you enchanted?

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