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Huawei nova 2 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Huawei Nova 2

Huawei Nova 2 is a beautiful mid-range phone you can buy. Is it possible to make a bet on the photo-ability of the developers, or this smartphone in the metal case and the price have other advantages? It is not very easy to buy a good phone at the good price tag. So many companies are trying to impress the world with different options.

Design and performance

Huawei Nova 2 is enclosed in a compact metal case with on the back panel. A slightly curved screen flows into the rounded face and immediately into the back of the body-the smartphone consists of smooth lines, sharp angles are absent. The back surface of the gadget is practically devoid of details: only a slightly protruding double camera and fingerprint scanner stand out. Antenna strips located in the upper and lower part of the case are not particularly distinguished. Charging phone from USB Type-C, the connector is located in the center of the bottom end. To the right of it the speaker, on the left-audio. The control buttons are placed on the right side: turn on-Lower, volume changes-above. Under the display, there is only the Silver Huawei phones logo, the control buttons on the screen. The conversational speaker and the front camera are located as usual — above the display. Very interesting variants of the colors of the case: on the test was a gadget calm dark gray colors, but the promo photo flashes blue, salad and pink Huawei Nova 2. Green color looks very unusual-gently and freshly, and in pink Nova 2, "new star selfie", looks very organic. This inch smartphone is very compact and easy: with a small diagonal it has almost no frames around the screen, and the thickness is only 6.9 mm. Weighs of the gadget is 143 grams.

Despite the fact that the sides and the back panel are made seamlessly, as a single body part, they have different textures. The back of the smartphone is matte and more slippery, and the edges and faces visually glossy, but to the touch more "jam"-the smartphone is convenient to hold in the hand. One could expect that the matte surface will not be much dirty, but fingerprints and abrasions Nova 2 Collects though not so much as glass smartphones, but noticeable. However, contamination is easily wiped. Inch IPS-Display Huawei Nova 2 with a resolution of 1920 1080 pixels shows excellent brightness-on the street with it you can safely work even in sunny weather. To the clarity due to high resolution and a small diagonal of the claims are not, as well as to the corners of the review.

Powerful cameras

Dual Camera-a special feature Huawei-appeared in the lineup Nova: the smartphone installed a tandem color 12-megapixel module (aperture f/1.8) with black and white. In addition to improving the quality of the film, this system allows you to simulate a dissolved aperture and blur the background behind the subject. In Nova 2, it turns out very naturally, despite small flaws, when the boundaries of the removable object are slightly blurred. The camera also simulates a bokeh effect. Nova 2 removes almost perfect: excellent color reproduction, high clarity. At night shooting sharpness slightly worsens, and the illuminations appear, but in general-also more than decently. Frames are not smeared, with color reproduction everything is fine. Noticeably inescapable "soap" from noise reduction, but here this effect is not critical. The difference between shooting in HDR mode and without it is not so obvious: the picture is a little lighter. The front camera is equipped with timer functions, gesture recognition, and selfie improvement. Shoots perfectly-the picture is clear (otherwise it would be amazing at this resolution) and with a huge amount of details. Look, for example, on this picture-visible every leaf and petal.

The capacity of the battery Huawei Nova 2 is 2950mAh. Huawei Nova 2 is a very cute smartphone. With small dimensions and low price (in the transfer to rubles-a little more than 20 thousand), he received from his creators a cool double main camera and outstanding frontal, beautiful metal body and a great screen. The disadvantages of heating in the apps eye can be closed-not the price range of the ruler to demand the flagship performance. In the rest of the same gadget nice, autonomy modest, but not sags, and the quality of workmanship only pleases, as well as multifunctional stable firmware. Many other phones perform well like Xiaomi Mi A2.

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