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Huawei Honor Play Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Honor Play

Huawei Honor Play is a decent mid-range phone for speed-conscious people. Huawei’s Honor Play is impressive with its good specs sheet. The faster CPU inside and other specs should give you a smooth experience, there are many good chips, AI-Algorithms optimizing the work of speed (without any details), the ability to disperse the built-in Mali-G72MP12 and advanced Haptic.

Honor Play is also equipped with unusual-very elongated-screen. The resolution is 2340 × 1080 pixels, which means the ratio of the sides is 19.5:9 (as in the LG G7, roughly as in the iPhone X). The diagonal of the panel is 6.3 ". The main camera is not flagship: The dual module is composed of a 16-megapixel sensor under f/2.2-optics and a 2-megapixel sensor under f/2.4-optics. The second camera is only needed to blur the background. Frontalka Single: 16 MP, F/2.0. Other specifications include chipset Kirin 970, 4/6 GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory and battery on 3750 mAh.

Major Specs


Display: 6.3", 19.5:9 ratio, 2340 × 1080 pixels, 409 PPI

Camera: Dual, First camera: 16 MP with F/2.2, Second camera: 2 MP with F/2.4, LED, 4K recording

Front camera: 16 MP, F/2.0, video recording 1080p

Processor: Octa-Core, 4 Core X 2.36 GHz + 4 Core x 1.8 GHz, Huawei Kirin 970

Graphics chip: Mali-G72MP12 with the possibility of overclocking

RAM: 4/6 GB

Internal Memory: 64 GB

Memory card: Yes, up to 256 GB (instead of the second SIM)

Bluetooth: 4.2 BLE

Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/N/AC

Ports: USB Type-C 2.0, 3.5 mm for headphones

Fingerprint scanner: Yes

Battery: 3750 mAh, 19-watt charging

Weight: 176 g

Chinese smartphones have long ceased to be associated with a cheap product of poor quality. Today the manufacturers of the celestial market produce a product capable of competing with world brands. The user can easily choose among the phones of Chinese brands a gadget that satisfies all requirements. Let's consider novelties of manufacture China which are planned to present to the general public soon. Experts observe that the manufacturers, designing new models, emphasize two leading directions: a frameless screen with high resolution and selfie-camera of high quality. These solutions do not apply to new developments, but rather copy known brands. One of the first of these trends successfully implemented by Apple and Samsung. However, the user creates a demand that is quite satisfying the modern smartphones of Chinese companies. The latter, among other things, are pleased with the affordable prices.

Manufacturers each year release new models of smartphones and already began to appear rumors and data leakage, on the basis of which you can make the first predictions. About some devices of information more, about others less, before official announcements and releases can still change. In spite of this, you can make a certain idea about future devices.

Faster chips

Already announced the Octa-Core chips, and all its improvements, so many flagship devices worked on octa-core processors, and it is interesting to observe, whether the new chip can become the same success. As for Apple smartphones, attention is drawn to the development of Face ID technology, augmented reality and how the successor of the iPhone X will be called.

The best smartphones of the average price segment are good to pick now. What to pick? This is a rather complicated question, and it will not be possible to give an unambiguous answer. On the one hand, the major electronics testing sites and magazines have the expertise and equipment needed to conduct comprehensive tests. Thousands of different smartphones pass through their hands, and they can compare them. This is not possible for ordinary buyers. On the other hand, buyers describe the real experience of using the device, as opposed to the testers, limited to a series of similar tests, and this is also an important aspect-some flaw and underworks are manifested only with time. In addition, buyers pay much more attention to the ratio of price and quality, while many expert assessments do not take into account the price factor.

Note also that only very few sites expose evaluations tested smartphones (as a rule, this is done by foreign editions and aggregator sites), and in fact, for the ranking, this condition is the main one. That is, the reviews of the smartphone can be as many as you want, but if they do not have a final rating, they will not be counted when compiling expert ratings. That is why we recommend looking at the expert rating, remember that it is not all smartphones, and, looking at the consumer rating, do not forget that not all the reviews are honest and objective.

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