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Huawei Honor 7s Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Honor 7S

So many companies are working around the world to produce a wide range of smartphones. They focus on high-end hardware and budget-conscious devices that are available in different segments. So many people focus on high-end price but some people stay away from this and they do not like to spend a lot. Some companies like to introduce high-end phone but some focus on everywhere. Some companies even make sub-brands like Huawei phones brand has produced Honor which focus on low-end smartphones. Now it seems not just flagships are capable to enhance lifestyle. Many budget phones have wide range of features that make life easy. They are trying to chase flagships powerfully and they are impressing us. They have best and latest features that are trendy and capable to make you high on technology. It is not very easy to pick a best phone with best features that can make us happy. There are phones with different shapes and sizes. They are phones with different features at different price points. The market is full with dozens of budget options you can pick from.

There are many lower end phones like Xiaomi Redmi 5 that do not cost a lot but have great specs and features that can keep you smooth. In mid-range markets, beautiful design and shapes of phones are available that can focus on attention. Mobile phones are firmly incorporated into lives of many people. They do not imagine lives without them. We don't remember how we used to communicate without cell phones. And manufacturers are supplying new and new models to the market. It is very difficult to keep track of them. And buyers often wonder what is the best phone? What to choose? A lot of ratings are created, but there is no definite answer. And it is connected with the fact that for each rating only selected indicators of gadgets are selected. On them and based selection. Therefore I suggest to consider several ratings at once. Smartphones are the best + quality far not always refer to expensive gadgets. After all, the price does not guarantee quality.

Comfortable size

Honor 7S is a large-sized smartphone with a gigantic viewing design that force to have beautiful feeling. However, this is not rather large which you do not feel comfortable to hold. It has normal size that you can easily hold to use on daily basis. It has a 5.45-inches display look good to use, this is HD+ display instead of HD display people were using in past. In past, there were phones with HD display (mean 720 x 1280 pixels) and now so many people have phones with HD+ display (720 x 1440 pixels). Extended pixels are available because of increment on size of display. The display is reached for immersive screen-to-body ratio, it has 73% screen to body ratio. This is 18:9 ratio display which is very trendy in these days. This is about bigger display but smaller body. The increase in display is good rather than increase in body, it brings beauty on design. Elegant phones have very impressive impression on the market and customers of market.

Powerful specs

The Honor 7S is packed with a beautiful and powerful cameras that can capture beautiful shots. It has a 13MP rear-sided camera, it has PDAF technology. This is fast focus camera you can use to have some impressive shots especially in daylight photography. This 13MP HD camera that lets you have crispy photos that can inspire. It has a 5MP front-sided camera which you can use to have some wide photos and make video calling. The camera matter, so many people focus on power of camera before buying a phone. This phone has a dual SIM slot and a micro SD car slot. You can use all at the same time. It lets you have all operations at the same time. You can expand up to 256GB SD card slot. Dual-SIM and microSD card, all at the same time is good. The Honor 7S has a 3020mAh battery, this body should let you have more than a day battery life. On average use, this phone should easily make you happy with this battery life. What does it offer? This smartphone has a beautiful design, compact design, good cameras and long battery life.

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